5 Reasons Motivation During The Middle Of The Semester Matters
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5 Reasons Motivation During The Middle Of The Semester Matters

The stress of tests, studying, and work can all overbear us at this point of the year, but don't let that all bog you down!

5 Reasons Motivation During The Middle Of The Semester Matters
Reannon Zangakis

Since I was younger, I've always tried to find the positives in life. Upon moving to college, I realized that while this is still doable, it is far more difficult. The stress of meeting new people, being away from home, keeping social and studies balanced, and more really have an overall toll on one. Losing motivation and just curling up in bed seems very viable, but don't let the urge overcome you!

1. Tests are scary, but they're not deadly! 

Instead of thinking of how negative a week of tests will be, focus on how you'll feel once the tests are all done! Yes, it is stressful now, but there is no better feeling than being completely done studying (for now). One thing I suffer from is test anxiety, and after trying to avoid it for years, I can admit that. One of the hardest parts of test anxiety is the feeling that no matter how much you study it doesn't matter. Well, believe it or not, that is 100% inaccurate. Mustering up the willpower to study after feeling distraught is hard, but it is worth it! And hey, in the long run, one bad test grade won't ruin you.

2. It'll only get worse.

Now in concept, if you start acting negatively towards school now, its bound to get worse. While yes it is the half-way point, there are 7 or so more weeks left of school, and it's , get harder. The overload of work will soon add up if ignored, and that'll result in a cram before finals. I know more than anything that willpower is a pain, but I'd rather them done now then trying to finish them all a week before they're due in December. Having a planner, calendar, or some kind of reminder is extremely helpful and will make sure you don't put off your assignments.

3. Think about your career!

Being a first-semester freshman, I have many different choices I can make about my career. Fortunately, I know the field I want to work in is science, which makes going to my Gen-Ed courses even more so hard. As the weeks have progressed though, I do see the highlight in these classes. For some reason, things we learn in Biology, line up with things we learn in Statistics, which line up with things we learn in Psychology. While I'd rather have a schedule full of science, I do fully appreciate the cross-over of information. Personally, I aspire to work in a Lab when I graduate, and I can see how different tiny aspects of each of these classes will help me. Your college does want you to succeed and use your moneys worth, so they won't throw anything too random on there.

4. It's officially fall season!

While I do fully appreciate summer for the relaxation time, nothing is more exciting than breaking out autumn clothes. I personally prefer autumn to any other season, and find it so exciting when this time rolls around. The brisk winds that tickle your nose, the ASMR of crunchy leaves, and pumpkin season just make this time of year so much more exciting. It's the perfect weather to throw on a Halloween movie, make some popcorn, and drink some cider. Plus, all of the holidays are approaching! All I can think about right now are the nine days of Thanksgiving break I get to go home and cuddle my dog.

5. You're not alone!

I can guarantee you that right now, there are numerous other people lacking the motivation too. While it is very easy to just give up and let the work overcome you, you have to find reasons why it shouldn't. Creating study groups, surrounding yourself with other people who has similar goals as you, and developing a positive environment for yourself will help you immensely. Sometimes the best way to find that motivation is to take a step back, talk to your friends, and disassociate from the books for a few moments. Yes, you are in college, but you don't want to look back and remember nothing but mindless worrying. You want to look back and remember the Taco Tuesdays, Mario-Kart parties, and the friendships you made with those who have similar aspirations as you.

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