15 TV Show Characters That Are Way Better Than Michael Scott
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15 TV Show Characters That Are Way Better Than Michael Scott

unpopular opinion, but...

15 TV Show Characters That Are Way Better Than Michael Scott

...Michael Scott is probably one of the worst television characters on any TV show. Ever. He makes every situation so awkward and uncomfortable that you actually have to skip the scene or even the episode. I understand that some people find this humorous, but I think the writers took it too far. This is obviously just MY opinion, but I'm here to tell you 15 TV show characters that are funnier, less cringy, and all-around better than Michael Scott from The Office.

1. Roger the Alien (American Dad)

Roger the Alien is seriously one of the best characters in any television show. The writing for him and all his personas cannot be compared to any other character in the show. His storylines are always comical and never in a cringe-worthy way, like Michael Scott.

2. Jake (Adventure Time)

Adventure Time is one of the coolest television shows on Cartoon Network. It has so many underlying adult themes that go over the heads of the children that watch, and it also has a series of progressive ideas that everyone should get behind.

3. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

Leslie Knope is the TV show character that you want to be friends with. She's sassy, passionate, and loves waffles, so there's really nothing else you could ask from the main character. Actually, Parks and Recreation might show up more than once on this list.

4. Coach (Cheers)

While it's an older show, Cheers has some of the greatest characters in sitcom history. Coach's dimness and comedic writing make his character so lovable and charming. He did only last a few seasons, due to the actor's death, Coach's plotlines and mannerisms live on throughout the show.

5. Rachel (Friends)

Friends is one of the most iconic shows on the internet, especially now that Netflix paid MILLIONS of dollars to keep it on their site. Rachel is probably my favorite role on the show because she goes through so much development as a character. Also, who doesn't love the comedic side of Jennifer Aniston?

6. Danny Tanner (Full House)

Danny Tanner is the strong male lead that we all know and love. After looking past the cheesy writing and low-definition 90's video cameras, you can fall in love with the Tanner family in Full House. Danny was the "Nick at Night" parent that we all wanted, even though some of us already had parents just like him.

7. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

While Ted Mosby is probably my least favorite character on How I Met Your Mother, I do still think he is a better role than Michael Scott. Ted has this dry humor that can be really funny and charming at times but can also fall flat and he can lose the humorousness of the character. If any one of these characters was the closest to Michael Scott, it's Ted Mosby.

8. Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants)

You really thought I was going to make this list and NOT put a SpongeBob character? In the entire show that is the Nickelodeon classic, Squidward has to be the best character. With his self-deprecating humor and his hotheadedness, there's always a time where we watch and think "hmm, I really get him." And from just this connection to real emotions not normally displayed in cartoons, we love his character.

9. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

The more I think about Peter Griffin, the more I realize that he and Michael Scott have very similar humor. The difference is, Peter Griffin is a cartoon, which makes what he does something a little more humorous BECAUSE IT'S NOT REAL LIFE. Obviously, I am aware that The Office is not real life, but you can really feel the secondhand embarrassment when watching real people interact.

10. Donna (Parks and Recreation)

It took me a while to think of Donna, but I'm glad I didn't forget to include her. Donna's character emirates female empowerment as she is a sassy woman who does what she wants. She's the symbol of feminism that everyone needs and a reminder that there's always a time to "treat yo' self!"

11. Nick Miller (New Girl)

Nick Miller is a bum. As much as we hate to admit it, we all wish we could live his life. Basically having no rules and no one to supervise you is every child/teen/college student's dream. We could all learn a thing or two from Nick Miller about how to live life, and how to be humorous without even trying.

12. Linda Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

I totally forgot about Bob's Burgers while I was writing this, and I know that would make my entire family disappointed. BUT, Linda Belcher is seriously one of the best TV moms right now. Her constant loudness and eccentrics make every episode captivating and hilarious. Maybe you don't think so, but she definitely holds a place in my heart.

13. Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Somewhat based on Tina Fey's life as a writer for Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock has all the components for a great TV show. With a stacked cast and constant changes in set and plot, there's no way this show can't catch your eye. Also, Liz Lemon is probably one of the funniest and most relatable female protagonists you'll ever watch on your television.

14. Cosmo and Wanda (Fairly Odd Parents)

I'm putting these two together because one really wouldn't be funny without the other. I don't know about the newer seasons (since I think this show is still running) but Cosmo and Wanda's bickering and comedic back and forth made Fairly Odd Parents one of the funniest shows growing up.

15. Literally any other character from The Office (except Andy)

The reason the show is so comedically successful is because of the supporting characters. While I would argue that they should be the focus of the show, supporting roles like Phyllis, Stanley, and Angela fill the show with the humor that we all deserve from a show like The Office.

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