Chances are you’re at *insert college here* dying in the library during dead week because guess what my dudes?? It’s December so you know what that means!! It’s finals szn! Whether you’re already back home, or finishing up the fall semester, Michael Scott is the college student we can all relate to.

1. Wondering why you're learning new material a week before the final...

2. Then your prof tells you the final's cumulative

3. Not knowing where to even start studying

4. Trying to get notes from the day(s) you skipped class

5. Going into your prof's final office hours of the semester

6. But it's ok because when in doubt go to the library

7. Not finding a spot because now that it's finals I guess everyone studies now

8. Justifying why you can't go out because you have to study

9. Watching freshmen panic over their first round of ~collegiate~ finals

10. Having your laptop die at the library

11. Hitting a wall with your studies

12. Watching all your friends finish finals early and go out

13. Finally finishing your last final