How To Perfect Your Cat Eye Liner Game

How To Perfect Your Cat Eye Liner Game

Meow, Bitch!

Like a claw mark, it must be sudden, and fierce. It must flick mysteriously up, and send terror into those who witness it. Unlike you who must hide in the jungle stalking until you pounce. The swoop must announce who you are... So who are you?

You are a person who wants to jump on a dying, yet never to end fad! So let's momentarily slip out of the jungle Vietcong-style, and learn some fucking devastating beauty tips.

Step 1. Prep work! A.k.a. Eyelid primer! I used to think this shit was bull, but recently I changed up my foundation (holla Pür) and found that my lids were a bit greasy, and nothing would stick to them. After a few frustrating attempts, something clicked, and I pulled out one of the many samples of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion they keep giving me in an attempt to make it happen. Unlike fetch, this did happen!

Plan B. Now that your lids are a blank canvas lets graffiti it up a bit, shall we? I know there are many different schools of thought about the order of the many things we put on our lids... JK, if you're looking it up it's all eyeshadow first, then eyeliner, then mascara. I'mma come out and say I do liner first, and third, and sometimes fifth, and seventh. Having hooded eyes it has always been a problem to make them pa-pop open, so I look at eyeliner as an architectural map to defining my eyes. I need a blueprint; a structure in which to create my eye couture around. This is the magic of beauty. Everything is a lie. A beautiful, beautiful lie wherein I look like I am actually awake instead of in a tired stupor. I may not ever be fully awake, but at least I can look the part.

So first you start with the outer corner of your eye. Pull the skin taut, and starting from said outer corner drag the tip the eyeliner diagonally up and out. Then starting with the end point of that line make another line back to your lash line in order to create a triangle. Fill the triangle, then trace your lid to the inner corner.

Voila! Perfect cat eye! No, not really. This shit is difficult, but not unmasterable. PRO TIPS: If your hands are unsteady don't be afraid to lock your elbow down on a table and get a little too friendly with the mirror. Also start with a small wing, and build it out from there. It's much easier to correct a smaller cat eye than the ginormous one you just drew on crooked. Line, line, line and reline. It doesn't have to come out perfect on the first swipe. Just keep at it. Keep a Q-tip on hand to correct any mistakes, though make sure to move slowly, and with purpose, otherwise your correction will be the biggest mistake you make. I generally just lick the Q-tip (or if I'm really natty and don't want to get up, the end of the closest eyeshadow brush), but if you don't want to be a germ farm, you can use makeup remover or concealer. I just find that the oils in the makeup remover run really easily causing your makeup to smear, and concealer is just adding more shit onto your face.

No. Three. Eyeshadow. Do your thang. In your colors. In your style. I'm boring in all shades of black, but occasionally if I'm feeling romantic I'll pull out some pinks and purples.

Paso Cuatro. See that eyeliner that has faded since you put eyeshadow over it? Fucking trace over it! This way you already have the perfect cat eye map! Any imperfections are covered/blurred by the eyeshadow, and now you can just line over your own hard work, making your eyeliner the star of your face.

FIN. Mascara.

Congratulations! You have now probably completed something that vaguly resembles a cat eye and are perhaps horrified that you read all of this rambling for what little results were actually gained, but... BUT remember, perfect takes practice, and your shit is just going to run anyway, cuz it's really humid in the jungle. Plus if you pounce fast enough your prey won't even have a chance to check out your liner game before you tear out their throat!

Cover Image Credit: We Know Your Dreams

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43 College Student Discounts That Are Actually Worth Your Trouble

With this list of student discounts, you're bound to no longer be that stereotypical broke college student.

One word comes to mind when you think of a college student: broke.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! As a college student, there are many discounts or free things you can partake in! Jump into that bandwagon and you won’t fall into the math equation of college student = broke.

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So thank the Lord for:

Online Discounts

It's the digital age, so it's no surprise that everything everyone needs is accessible right at your fingertips! Here's some websites that offer specialties to college students!

1. Free Amazon Prime (2 day shipping) for 6 months

Get that textbook or exciting package in only 2 days!

2. Free access to HBO GO

When you run out of shows to watch on Netflix, just head on over to HBO GO and there you GO!

3. Free Office 365!

Use Office 365 to take notes for class or to make the coolest Powerpoint Presentation out there! Best part of it all is that it’s ALL FREE!

4. Spotify Premium for ONLY $4.99 a month!

We all love to listen to music so why not subscribe to Spotify Premium for that perfect combo of NO ADS, NO LIMITS, and JUST MUSIC?


This is the ULTIMATE website for college student discounts. Through an account with this website you’ll have access to many other discounts such as Apple Music for $4.99 a month (half off the original price per month)!

Clothing Discounts

It's a hard knock life being a college student because you constantly want to buy new clothes but you have to limit yourself so that you don’t end up broke. Luckily, there are stores out there who are understanding of your situation.

6. Topshop

10% off online and in-store

7. Necessary Clothing

20% discount on purchases of $100 or more

8. Club Monaco

20% off in store

9. Banana Republic

15% off in store

10. Ann Taylor

15% off in store

11. JCrew

15% off in store with a college ID or 15% off online via your .edu email

12. Eddie Bauer

Each location offers their own special discount, but as long as you bring your college ID, you’re bound to receive that discount!

13. Eastern Mountain Sports

20% off items at full-price in store

14. Charlotte Russe

Certain Charlotte Russe locations offer 10% off your total purchase!

15. Juicy Couture

Certain Juicy Couture locations offer a luxurious 15% off your purchase(s)!

16. ASOS

10% off purchases made online at full value

17. Boohoo

35% off your purchase! That’s right, you heard me… 35% OFF!

18. Madewell

15% off in store when you flash your ID!

19. Forever 21

10% off purchases made online at full value

20. Levi’s

15% off online and in-store!

21. Express

15% off online and in-store!

22. Ralph Lauren

Participating stores offer 15% off your purchase! Just ask at the register!


No outfit is complete without that perfect pair of shoes or wallet or whatever you desire! There are stores out there who want you to pop out in your fullest glam so fortunately, they'll provide you with a discount!

23. Kate Spade

If you show your student ID, you can get 15% off! That's a major difference considering how high prices can get at Kate Spade.


Free shipping on all orders and for every pair of shoes you buy, they'll donate a pair of shoes to children in need! (DOUBLE BONUS: You're saving money and helping out!)

25. Sally Beauty Supply

As a college student, you can get access to a Beauty Student Card. This card opens the door to exclusive deals at Sally Beauty Supply!

26. Alex and Ani

Everyone loves to shop at Alex and Ani, whether it’s for themselves or for a friend. Lucky for you, you can use your college ID to get 10% off all full-price purchases!


Let’s be real here, you can’t get through college without the necessary technological equipment. So here are some ways to access that technology without breaking the bank!


When you buy a Mac, you can save up to $300 and get complimentary BEATS wireless headphones! If you buy an iPad Pro, you can save up to $20 and get complimentary BEATS wireless headphones as well! What a deal, considering you’ll get a double bonus of a laptop or iPad Pro along with some nice, quality headphones!

28. Best Buy

Exclusive BEST BUY deals for college students! Head on over to Best Buy to get that TV for your dorm or printer you’ve been needing for a special price they offer only to you because of your college status.

29. SONY

Head on over to the Sony Education Store and get that 10% college student discount!

30. Norton Security

Norton offers a free 90-day trial! Get that protection you need for your computer so that it lasts for years to come!


We all know that the best part of being a college student is getting all those discounts for your favorite foods!

31. Chipotle

Get a free drink with the purchase of a meal! No need to sneak soft drinks into water cups anymore!

32. Chick-Fil-A

Get a free drink with the purchase of a meal! Seems like Chick-Fil-A is jumping on Chipotle’s bandwagon!

33. Dunkin Donuts

Participating locations will give you the opportunity to get 10% off!

34. Burger King

10% off participating locations

35. Buffalo Wild Wings

Many locations offer 10% off so feel free to ask!

36. Arby’s

10% off your meal purchase(s)!

37. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen values college students with their special “Student Meal Deal” along with varying discounts based on location.

38. McDonald’s

You can never go wrong with McDonald’s so lucky for you cause you can get 10% off your meal!

39. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s

Based on your pizza pie, you can get 10-20% off!

40. Domino’s

Certain locations offer discounts so ask yours if they do!

41. Qdoba

You can snag a $5 student burrito here! You can also get a free drink with any purchase!

42. Taco Bell

Make your cheap meal cheaper with 10% off at participating locations!

43. Subway

Feeling healthy? Head on over to Subway for that 10% discount at participating locations.

With this guide in your back pocket, head on over to your favorite store or favorite restaurant and spend away!

Cover Image Credit: New York 1

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Canibidoil Of Springfield

A look into the emergence of Springfield's first and only Cannabidiol Boutique... and the legal gray zone it may find itself in.


Cannabidiol oils, edibles, and treats. To those not well versed in the terminology of hemp horticulture, these items sound like a list of goods one could only hope to obtain in Colorado or another progressive pot state. Surprisingly, a new business has come to Springfield Missouri, bringing these items and more with it!

The store, called "CBD of Springfield", is owned and operated by Emily Christianson and her husband, Chad. The store opened in December and is located on Campbell Ave.

Christianson and her husband are currently the only sources of Cannabidiol (CBD) merchandise in Springfield. Objects sold include lotions, oils, vape juice, and treats- for humans and their canine, feline, or equestrian pals. (Humans purchasing these items must be at least 18 years of age.)

According to Christianson, her CBD products can help consumers with depression, anxiety, arthritis pains, and inflammation. What it will not do, she notes, is get someone high. While most people associate cannabidiol and hemp products with marijuana, the fact is that hemp and marijuana plants are not the same plants at all, but merely in the same family of plants. Christianson explains that her products only have a 0.03% THC content and are not psychoactive.

The questionable business aspect about CBD of Springfield centers around Missouri's strict code for the use of medical marijuana. While very specific cases for medical marijuana were recently legalized in Missouri, the law says that it must be used strictly to treat severe cases of epilepsy.

It further details that a neurologist must verify that a patient has tried at least three other treatment options before allowing a patient to turn to medical marijuana as an option.

Finally, all patients that meet these requirements are then issued a government registration card, verifying that they have met all of the requirements and are then permitted to purchase and partake in medical marijuana and CBD products as a treatment for their epilepsy.

Attorneys throughout Missouri have disagreed on the legality of selling CBD products in Missouri. Two years ago, the state attorney general stopped dozens of stores from selling CBD products, though more retailers have resumed the practice since then.

CBD carries an almost snake-oil-like propaganda of being able to relieve pain or help with nearly any kind of ailment. Though users of CBD oils support this claim, it has little scientific backing, with the only medical diagnosis it has been proven to help is epilepsy.

Medical professionals are in disagreement with the effects, attorneys are in disagreement over the legality, but Christianson remains certain that her business is helping those in need and will continue to do so.

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