It is the 5th month of the year, May, also known as Mental Health Awareness Month. This is one of the most important months that we should observe as a society. According to GoodTherapy.Org, in 2016, it was reported that "nearly 6 in 10 adults with a mental health issue received no treatment, and 18.5% of Americans were found to be experiencing some form of mental health issue." (

This is unacceptable. It is time for us all to step it up.

Mental health is an important part of each of our lives. Without good mental health, we can truly decline in many ways; work, family, relationships, and many more aspects of our every day lives. As individuals, we need to make sure that our thoughts and actions are healthy, and that our thoughts and actions towards others are equally as healthy.

Mental health is easily altered on a day to day basis. Anything can trigger an affect on our brain that causes us to unravel in a multitude of way. Long-term bad mental health is the same concept but usually is an outcome of repeated events or feelings. Bad mental health can easily sneak up on anyone and lead anyone into a dark hole. It is important for all of us to remain self-aware and aware of others' mental health in order to prevent developing a bothersome illness.

There is a wide range of mental health problems. Short-lasting, "minor" mental health issues include stress, anxious feelings, depressive moments, lack of hunger and sleep, and/or even possible drug use. More severe and longer lasting effects of poor mental health can include an anxiety disorder, a mood disorder, a personality disorder, and/or even something more significant like psychosis. Despite the short term versus long term effects, every type of poor mental health issues are incredibly essential to pay attention to and treat correctly.

In all, it is important for everyone to keep track of their minds and stay positive and HEALTHY. It is important to exercise, have some sort of outlet (drawing, sports, etc.), and eat well! The world is filled with endless possibilities for each of us and that last obstacle we need is ourselves.

Stay positive, and nothing but GOOD VIBES