5 Reasons Why The Men's Restroom Is Better Than The Women's

Anyone who has ever gone to festivals, fairs, concerts etc. . . know that when it comes to using the bathrooms, it is a hassle. They are usually dirty, the lines can be long, and the bathrooms are just too small for the amount of people who want to use them. However, I would use the men's restroom over the women's any day.

1. They are cleaner.


I have worked in both the retail and food services and let me tell you. The women's restroom is always dirtier. When I worked at Chuck E. Cheese, I used to have to pull out dirty diapers from the tampon boxes and it made me gag every time. It is honestly disgusting how many ladies don't flush their toilets, leave their soiled tampons/pads on the floor, and don't throw their used paper towels in the trash. The men don't seem to have this problem. The paper towels were usually always properly thrown in the trash, I never had to flush a toilet, and of course there were no soiled tampons or pads on the floor.

2. They hardly have long lines.


Why wait in line for the women's restroom when I can just walk into the men's? Why turn a, what would be, 2 minute bathroom trip into 30 minutes because the line for the women's restroom is out of the door and extending around the corner? I have actually gone into the men's restroom due to this. Sure, I've gotten some stares and some comments "miss, you're in the wrong bathroom" but who cares? I still used the restroom faster than all those girls waiting in line that are close to peeing themselves.

3. They are quiet.


I am sorry but I hate when I am in the bathroom and a mom with her crying kid walk in. The kid is screaming at the top of his lungs and he is crawling under the stalls, touching everything. You rarely get kids in the men's restroom.

4. They are more comfortable.


Due to the fact that men have both stalls and urinals, the bathroom just feels bigger. The stalls feel bigger because they can occupy more space since the urinals don't take much space at all.

5. They are never out of product.


I don't know if it is just because women use more toilet paper, soap, and paper towels than men but it always seems like the women's bathroom is never stocked! Men's bathrooms always seem to have the product stocked and ready to use.

Of course, 99% of the time, I use the women's bathroom. I'm not that weird, but I do have a preference and that preference is definitely the men's bathroom.

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