What a woman wears doesn't give you the right to catcall her
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I Will Wear What I Feel Confident In And If A Man Gets Turned On That's His Problem Not Mine

The length of your shorts has nothing to do with the internal definition of who you are

I Will Wear What I Feel Confident In And If A Man Gets Turned On That's His Problem Not Mine

"The way a woman dresses says a lot about her." I have never really understood this quote. Many people believe if a girl wears short shorts or a bralette as a top it automatically makes the girl a whore. My question: Why can this not mean that a woman is just confident in her body?

A recent event led me to realize how much men truly disrespect women. A couple of weeks ago, I was at a local CVS. While checking out at the register, a man was screaming at me, while shopping with wife and child. What was he screaming? How amazing my a** was; he could not believe how great it looked in the shorts I was wearing.

Mind you, I had just gotten finished at the beach. I was in a one-piece bathing suit and jean shorts. As I walked by him, he proceeded to yell derogatory comments and even went as far as trying to fist bump my boyfriend saying "you tapping that?"

I left the store furious and honestly feeling disgusting. I could not believe that a man who was with his young child and wife, or any man for that matter, would have the audacity to act in such a horrifying manner. I was so furious that I actually came to tears.

After a good 45 minutes of me being in a bad mood, I came to a realization: who is this guy that he has the power to make me feel like crap and make me feel like I'm only allowed to dress a "certain way." He is no one and he has no say in who I am.

Ever since this incident occurred, I have come to the realization that I am not going to let what men may think and how they act ultimately determine the way in which I carry myself. I am going to wear what I feel confident in. If that makes a man "turned on" and act like an animal that is not my problem.

To any girl who believes that they cannot wear something because it may make a man uncomfortable, I would say own who you are. You are not a slut because you are wearing something that makes your body look good. If you are confident in a certain clothing item, then you should wear it and own it.

I promised myself that day that I would never let the thoughts of a man determine my actions. This is not to say it only has to be a man who is shaming you. It could be another woman, people your age, your parents, etc. Whoever it may be trying to tell you who you are, they hold no credibility. They do not know the real you. The internal, what is under the clothes.

So listen to yourself and be proud of who you are. Remember, the length of your shorts has nothing to do with the internal definition of who you are. It is just clothing.

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