I recently had a stressful week and could not find a way out of stress that seemed to be eating me alive. I solved this problem by attending a healing meditation and reiki class at the yoga studio I attend.

I was a bit hesitant to attend this class, for I was afraid I would not be able to keep a clear mind and focus during the meditation. I was so glad that I brought myself into this practice. Our teacher led us to a shining display of crystals and instructed us to "let a crystal chose you." My eyes were immediately directed to the Rose Quartz. I was not a believer in crystal healing before, but after this class my mind was changed.

Rose Quartz is a stone that opens the heart chakra and helps you love others and yourself. This stone cleanses the mind and assists you in seeing fights in a different perspective. After meditating with the Rose Quartz, you will inhale love and exhale any negativity you are carrying on your shoulders, and this is exactly what I felt after meditating. I let go of grudges I was holding and instantly felt more love. I was also angry with myself prior to this class, but afterward, I let go of this negativity and felt a great sense of self-love that motivated me to be better.

We meditated in restorative poses during this class that opened up the body and let in all of the inspiring words that the instructor offered. I set a mantra for myself at the beginning of class to be present and allow myself to learn from this new experience. I certainly remained present and l took in every word from the instructor and used it to inspire me to stay calm and feel better in and out of the classroom.

Our teacher also used a Tibetan bowl that gives off vibrations. It sounds crazy to say that these vibrations give such a sensation that connects you to everyone in the room and gives you a chilling and calm sensation of the mind.

When exiting the classroom, I felt as if my mind had forgotten everything that brought me stress in the past week. I was refreshed and ready to show myself and others love. My mind was completely calm of any stress and anxiety. The repetition of words that healed the mind stuck in the back of my head and allowed me to stay calm. I was truly grateful for this experience, and I highly suggest practicing meditation frequently. I was hesitant before entering the classroom, and my mind is now changed. Meditating is so important to keep a healthy and cleansed mind.