Over the years, the amount of people taking prescribed medications has continuously increased. Especially when it comes down to the medications that help with mental illnesses such as depression and/or anxiety. For some reason though, while most people understand this, some people view those who have to take medications as crazy. There are multiple reasons that they may think this, but in no way does that mean it's right to think such a thing, and in no way does it mean that it's true.

Thankfully, most people don't have to experience getting called crazy for such ridiculous reasons. Yes, those who take medications are often suffering from mental health issues, but that isn't the same thing as crazy. Many people tend to define crazy as when someone acts very differently from others, or "weird". Sometimes even violent when considering the extreme cases. Overall, when someone is called crazy, they are being called insane.

People who do take medication for problems such as depression and anxiety are often second-guessing and criticizing themselves, and depending on the person, the medications can have a large effect on how they feel/act. In fact, they tend to be their own worst criticizers. So, if they're called crazy or anything similar to it, it's possible they will take it to heart.

After all of this, unless it's in a joking manner and the person you are calling it knows you aren't serious, try not to call people crazy when they're not. It can hurt someone emotionally when they hear something like that. A believe a good way to think about it is that it isn't medications that define who a person is, but rather it is their actions. So, please keep this in mind so you may rethink calling someone something they're not.