We Need Medicare For All

We Need Medicare For All

It's not about the money, it's about the people.


Medicare For All is one of the most talked about ideas in this campaign. Not necessarily because Democrats are in, or even will be, in a position to pass such a bill, but because guaranteeing health care for everyone has become one the main platforms of the Democratic Party, and a Medicare For All approach looks to many to perfectly show how set they are in giving everyone healthcare.

The news made headlines again with Sanders' Medicare For All bill being reviewed by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University by Senior Research Strategist Charles Blahous, which has been funded by the Koch Brothers, has shown the Sanders bill would mean "a total of $2 trillion less in overall health care expenditures between 2022 and 2031, compared to current spending."

I would like to mention that FactCheck.org put together an article concluding that saying the Blahous study states there would be a $2 trillion drop in healthcare spending is misleading, given that the author states that costs would be higher than Sanders estimates, and so canceling out, or even going over the $2 trillion in saving.

For Medicare For All fans there is still hope that it would be cheaper, for one thing, "Sanders' spokesman, Miller-Lewis, argues that the initial assumptions used in the report — the ones based on Sanders' Medicare for All Act — are legitimate. 'The buying power associated with a system that represents all Americans would allow the government to negotiate significant savings in payments to health care providers, as well as on drug prices' Miller-Lewis said."

Also two health policy experts, David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, analyzed the report, arguing "that Blahous's report undercounts administrative savings by more than $8.3 trillion over 10 years. Taking those savings into account would lower Blahous's estimate from $32.6 trillion to $24.3 trillion. Additionally, the policy experts believe that Blahous underestimates savings from drug prices; for example, ignoring the success the U.S. Veterans Administration, the Canadian government, and certain European governments have had in negotiating for lower drug prices. If the United States paid European prices, they conclude, another $1.7 trillion would be trimmed from Blahous's total cost estimate, bringing it down to $22.6 trillion over 10 years."

This analysis proposes over $10 trillion in savings. But at the end of the day is money the most important thing to be looking at here? What is being talked about here is people's health, their ability to live their lives. Even at a time when we seem as divided as we could be, can we not still come together to fight against illness, and disease? The numbers are important, but the consequences, the human lives at stake, are what is important. Medicare For All, or any kind of health care, is not an accounting issue, it is a moral issue.

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I'm The Girl Who'd Rather Raise A Family Than A Feminist Protest Sign

You raise your protest picket signs and I’ll raise my white picket fence.

Social Media feeds are constantly filled with quotes on women's rights, protests with mobs of women, and an array of cleverly worded picket signs.

Good for them, standing up for their beliefs and opinions. Will I be joining my tight-knit family of the same gender?

Nope, no thank you.

Don't get me wrong, I am not going to be oblivious to my history and the advancements that women have fought to achieve. I am aware that the strides made by many women before me have provided us with voting rights, a voice, equality, and equal pay in the workforce.

SEE ALSO: To The Girl Who Would Rather Raise A Family Than A Feminist Protest Sign

For that, I am deeply thankful. But at this day in age, I know more female managers in the workforce than male. I know more women in business than men. I know more female students in STEM programs than male students. So what’s with all the hype? We are girl bosses, we can run the world, we don’t need to fight the system anymore.

Please stop.

Because it is insulting to the rest of us girls who are okay with being homemakers, wives, or stay-at-home moms. It's dividing our sisterhood, and it needs to stop.

All these protests and strong statements make us feel like now we HAVE to obtain a power position in our career. It's our rightful duty to our sisters. And if we do not, we are a disappointment to the gender and it makes us look weak.

Weak to the point where I feel ashamed to say to a friend “I want to be a stay at home mom someday.” Then have them look at me like I must have been brain-washed by a man because that can be the only explanation. I'm tired of feeling belittled for being a traditionalist.


Because why should I feel bad for wanting to create a comfortable home for my future family, cooking for my husband, being a soccer mom, keeping my house tidy? Because honestly, I cannot wait.

I will have no problem taking my future husband’s last name, and following his lead.

The Bible appoints men to be the head of a family, and for wives to submit to their husbands. (This can be interpreted in so many ways, so don't get your panties in a bunch at the word “submit”). God specifically made women to be gentle and caring, and we should not be afraid to embrace that. God created men to be leaders with the strength to carry the weight of a family.

However, in no way does this mean that the roles cannot be flipped. If you want to take on the responsibility, by all means, you go girl. But for me personally? I'm sensitive, I cry during horror movies, I'm afraid of basements and dark rooms. I, in no way, am strong enough to take on the tasks that men have been appointed to. And I'm okay with that.

So please, let me look forward to baking cookies for bake sales and driving a mom car.

And I'll support you in your endeavors and climb to the top of the corporate ladder. It doesn't matter what side you are on as long as we support each other, because we all need some girl power.

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The Government Shutdown Has Affected My Testosterone Prescription

Injecting myself every week is hard enough, but when I cant get my prescription its impossible.


I have always been very accurate on when I take my shots. "T Shot Tuesday" as I call it. And with the first week of January approaching, I new I had an appointment at Planned Parenthood to refill my testosterone, syringes and needles (which are used to draw up the testosterone). A common misconception is having one needle to draw up and also inject the testosterone, but this is false as the needle to draw up the testosterone is larger than the needle, I use to inject myself with.

Another common misconception is that Planned Parenthood gives me my prescription, and this is false. Planned Parenthood is solely the written form of my prescription; thus, I have to go to a pharmacy to get it filled. So, all in all, I have to make two trips to get my perception just as if I were to go to my primacy care physician (which I do not go to for testosterone, because it is not covered by insurance and my care provider cannot write me a prescription for T).

The Bad News

So, after my appointment I got my written prescription and headed off to my pharmacy to get it filled. I knew there would be a wait, so I headed to the gym. About forty minutes into my workout I notice a text message from my pharmacy stating, "WE ARE UNABLE TO FILL YOUR PERSCRIPTION". I immediately hopped up off the bench, put my weights away and went out the door as my mind began to race. The past two times I had my prescription filled, there were no issues. But, now all of the sudden with the Government shutdown there was one.

I got to the pharmacy, they told me I had to call my provider and have them rewrite my prescription so that it could be filled. What this meant I was not for certain, but apparently in the legal aspect of things, it could not be filled with how it was written. So, I called and there was no answer (of course), thus I left a rather urgent voicemail. Knowing I had work in 2 hours and Planned Parenthood is closed on Wednesday and Thursday, I did not want to be late on my shot as I had recently upped my dosage. Too, not only would I be a few days late it would be a week and a half late because I only do one shot every week, so it had been a week since my last shot.

The Good Before The Bad

Currently injecting 0.50ml per shot

An hour before work, I go to my pharmacy because I got another text stating "YOUR PERSCRIPTION IS FILLED". A sigh of relief, right? Traffic was awful, so I knew I was going to be late for work but did not care as I needed this prescription since the pharmacy closed before I would get off work. I got there only to be notified that the testosterone could be filled but I could not receive the syringes or needles. So, how am I supposed to draw up or inject? Again, they told me to contact my provider and I did so. At this point, I am stressed, nervous, uneasy, and frustrated.

I get a call from Planned Parenthoods after hours services and they tell me there is nothing they can do except leave a voicemail as well since Planned Parenthood was closed for the day and didn't reopen for another two days.

The End Result

This is NOT the syringe to use to draw up testosterone.

I receive the call Friday and get a notification from my pharmacy that my "PERSCRIPTION HAS BEEN FILLED" so I headed back to my pharmacy. I get my prescription, head home and get ready to do my shot only to realize the syringes were the wrong ones. I was given a syringe that did not have the detachable needle, thus I could not draw up the testosterone.

Again, I contact the pharmacy only this time to speak to the pharmacist and they were luckily able to change the syringes that were originally given to me. So, I gave myself the shot two weeks late and I had some very unpleasant side effects. (To be discussed in a future article).

Whether the government affected my prescription or not, what I do know is the current president wants to stop funding for Planned Parenthood. However, it isn't that easy, but if the president is able to do it the LGBTQ community and various others can be affected in the worst way.

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