Ever since medical marijuana became legal in my state (Oklahoma), many of my friends have been getting their medical marijuana card and trying the products that are offered. There are many reasons why people want to use medicinal marijuana that range from serious medical issues to common, everyday medical issues. There are also many ways to apply marijuana to accommodate the many different symptoms it treats like topicals, drinks, edibles, and smoking products.

Smoking, however, seems to be the more common method of getting the most out of the treatment aspect of marijuana. When my friends tell me that they got their medical card, I ask what their reason for getting it was, most of which replied with a common, everyday reason for smoking marijuana as medicine.

1. Insomina

Smoking usually leads to the user feeling at least a little tired. Indica strains are especially good at inducing tiredness. When your whole body is relaxed and it feels like you're sinking into the bed, it is hard to resist closing your eyes.

2. Anxiety

Although paranoia is a common side effect to smoking, using marijuana helps calm anxiety. It helps in relaxing the user which will lead to feeling less anxious. To avoid the paranoia aspect, just smoke and relax in a place you feel safe.

3. Induces Hunger

Getting the munchies is also a common side effect of smoking marijuana, but it is a really useful side effect. People who struggle with eating regularly or even eating at all would benefit as they are finally hungry and able to eat. Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into eating struggles but in my opinion, marijuana really is one of the best medicines for people who struggle with eating.

4. Improves concentration

Does marijuana help with insomnia or concentration?

Although these two reasons contradict each other, smoking actually does help with both. Sativa strains are generally used for concentration, however, it depends on the user and their purpose for using. Marijuana can help you stay focused on a task which helps tremendously when trying to get something done. Smoking helps calm the user down and get into the mindset of focusing on their work or even go on a cleaning spree.

5. Reduces pain

After an injury and so many painkillers, it can be hard to find the right kind of medicine that works. Or it can be hard to afford a medicine that works. Objectively, marijuana is a cheaper alternative to some medicines and can be used in many different ways including smoking, edibles, topicals, and more to reduce pain in certain areas or just in general. Whether it be muscle pain, joint pain, or other kinds of pain, smoking worth a shot if it means a more comfortable life.

6. Helps with depression

Marijuana simply relaxes you. It's effects may vary slightly but generally you will feel relaxed mentally and physically. This sets up the perfect atmosphere for a restful nap which will lead to feeling better than usual upon waking up. It helps give your brain a rest.

7. Stress relief

Again, marijuana relaxes you. So, it makes since to use it as a stress reliever. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the euphoric feeling of being high.

8. Nausea

This reason seems out of the ordinary but its true. Smoking will reduce nausea and will induce hunger or tiredness. Indulging in one or both will result in the user feeling better than they did before they smoked.