We all knew someone like Kate Sanders from the show Lizzy McGuire in high school, but I don't know why you're out here in college still acting like you rule the school.

There's nothing worse than putting people down, but to think you can be an actual adult still bullying people like we're on the playground is ridiculous.

I've never experienced this college version of Kate Sanders first hand, but just hearing stories of how mean girls are to each other in college is crazy.

We're out here combating frat boys as freshmen, trying to make it out of a sophomore year slump, working on getting the internship of our dreams during our last summer of college, praying for the day we turn 21 and struggling through our senior year before we go into the real world.

But, some girls have time to make fun of other girl's appearances, put people down and slut-shame people who are supposed to be their besties? That's a mess, and I want no part of it.

A little gossip is OK, but when you're in full on mean a** bully mode that's where it needs to stop because we're in college. We're all messing up, saying the wrong things, learning the same lessons over and over again and staying out too late. The stress is never-ending, and we wake up every Monday and do it all over again.

We need all the support we can get.

No one cares about the designer bracelets on your wrist or how much you have in your bank account so stop acting like you're better than everyone.

Whoever heard of belittling others as an adult? I never thought I'd see a bully in the flesh in my college years, but life will surprise you like that.

There are always going to be cliques in any group, but a college bully brings it to a whole new level.

Being a mean girl in college isn't cool because we're all struggling with classes, the looming date of graduation and trying to balance a personal life, so I'm confused how you have the time to be mean to people?

I need to be kinder to people.

We all need to be nicer to people because college is rough and girls should be supporting girls not tearing them down.