18 Activities To Do For Some "Me Time" Away From Your Partner
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The Best 18 Activities To Do Solo If You Need Some ‘Me Time’ Away From Your Partner

It's better to miss someone than to be sick of them.

The Best 18 Activities To Do Solo If You Need Some ‘Me Time’ Away From Your Partner

Spending time with your S.O. is essential, but there is such a thing as spending toomuch time with one another. If you feel that you are constantly bickering, annoyed with one another, or just no longer having fun, there is nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. In fact, relationship experts advise couples take time apart to assure a positive balance between individual and partner: "It's completely normal to need space in a relationship." You want to feel free in your relationship, rather than cooped up.

It's better to miss someone than to be sick of them.

This doesn't signify that there is something wrong with your relationship. Instead, it's a sign that you have to remind yourself of who you are without your other half. And, as a matter of fact, your "me time" will encourage reinvigorated conversation between the two of you, which will, consequently, support a more resilient connection.

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Pamper yourself and have a spy day consisting of massages, mud baths (or Lush bath bombs), manicures and pedicures, and a ton of essential oils.



Go on a run. Take a cycle class. Do yoga on the beach. Working out comes with a laundry list of stress-relieving benefits. Plus, exercise-induced orgasms, also known as coregasms: the more in tune you are with your strong body, the better your sex life will be. You can thank me later.

Girls' (or guys') night


Friendships is another relationship that requires work and time! Don't forget about your people who support you through everything. Stay in and watch movies like "Gilmore Girls'" Lorelai and Rory. Emulate "Sex and the City" vibes and go out to town. Or, in the manner of Annie and Lillian from "Bridesmaids," gossip at a coffee shop for your classic brunch.

Cook a 5-star meal


Maybe you'll become the next Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Binge watch "The Bachelor"


Whether it be sports, a sitcom, or reality television, lose yourself in your favorite captivating, dramatic show.



Having a neutral individual to listen to your challenges and guide you through them can positively impact your way of life. If nagging to your S.O. isn't working anymore, try complaining to a therapist.

D.I.Y. project


Pinterest has got your back.

Journal, plan, organize, read


Take some time for yourself to journal, which has been scientifically proven to help stabilize your emotions, transform your outlook on life, and spark a creative blaze.

Take a fun, "out-of-your-comfort-zone" class


What's something you've always wanted to do but never had time for? Pole dancing? Skydiving? Painting?

Get some rest


Is your main squeeze keeping you up all night? Get some much needed Zzz's and without your partner, you get the bed to yourself, so sprawl out and enjoy it while it lasts.

 Go on a drive


Perhaps you'll end up at the beach or a drive-through, whichever one is closer.



You know what they say, shopping is cheaper than therapy. Treat yourself with a few gifts and maybe something special for your loved one.



Find your zen through any activity that brings you to your nirvana.

 Scroll through Instagram or play video games


And no one will yell at you for your attention!



Never shy away from pleasuring yourself and discovering your bodies capabilities. This, too, will boost your lovemaking.

 Family time


Families are messes but spending quality time with these crazies is essential in helping you build stronger relationships.

 Cuddle your pet


Without your cuddle buddy, your pet is the next best thing.

Find something that helps your personal, individual development apart from your old ball and chain. Doing so will both enable you to grow as a discrete person and ignite some fiery excitement in your relationship.

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