The quote in my sub-headline totally captures my feelings about men who think they're too "manly" to do particular things. I look at them with sympathy and wonder if they know how much of life they're missing out on with that type of mentality. I watched this(a) movie during the summer break called "The Phantom Thread". It was basically about a man who was so controlling in every aspect of his life, especially his relationship with his lover. The lover was so annoyed with this that she had to poison him on occasion so that he could feel a moment of weakness and she would be able to take care of him. Now I'm referencing this movie not for women to poison their significant other if they find them too controlling - but for men to realize that sometimes it is okay to want to be yourself, it is okay to ask for help when you need it.

Society has placed all these expectations for men to achieve and sometimes it's heartbreaking seeing men suffer from trying to reach them.

The world is changing so much so that equality is becoming a big deal which everyone is becoming more aware of and is supporting right now (praise be!). Gone are the days when men were the only ones allowed to lead and support the family, gone are the days where men were supposed to be the "man" of the house and be emotionless in order to be more efficient in whatever environment they are in. These rules that ensured that any behavior in contrast to it makes them look too feminine or as my little sister would say "a sissy."

Toxic Masculinity is real, and it is the leading cause of suicide in men in our society today.

It is important for men to know that it is okay to show weakness sometimes, it means you're human, it is okay to ask for help when you need it especially if it is a woman (we are humans, and it is also proven fact that we are really an intelligent part of our species). Parents and Schools should encourage their sons to be more of themselves (even if it is seen as "feminine"). There are really no rules that define what is and is not normal. The world really needs men to start being themselves and expressing themselves however they feel like, they owe nobody nothing but that.