Netflix And Marvel Team Up For The Defenders

Netflix has teamed up with Marvel to bring the lives of The Defenders from the sacred cinematic universe to life. While Netflix has proven it is beyond capable of producing hit shows and movies all on its own, the world of Marvel is a very sensitive subject to the followers of the comics and live action creations. Expectations are high for the correct portrayal and storyline of the protectors of New York City.

Who are these Defenders, I speak of? The names to know are Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. Each member has their own spin-off that digs deeper into who they are, how and why. These four separate series' all meet in the middle to form the show that is The Defenders.

What is the deal with these four maniacs? Let's dive right in and see.


A truly miraculous story of a man who will stop at nothing to catch the evil in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, New York City. 20/20 vision or fiery blindness, Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is the fighter to watch. A lawyer fresh out of school trying to build clientele with his college roommate and best friend. Daredevil will surely grab a viewers heart, with or without the mask.

Jessica Jones

A woman with a dark past that influences every decision made in her present. Jessica Jones is a superhero (kinda) turned detective whose agency seems to continuously pick up cases involving people that have encountered others with special abilities. Could her own special abilities be drawing others near or is it a mere coincidence? Regardless, Jessica Jones is a strong woman, literally, and knows how to hold her own on and off the streets.

Luke Cage

A hard case of bad luck puts a respected police officer behind bars. With all of his rights seemed to be stripped away and a heavy ultimatum weighing on him, Luke Cage finds himself in a life or death situation. He has everything he's endured replaying in the back of his mind and a new city to call home. Each utter of "sweet Christmas" leads to a captivating, bulletproof encounter that gets the viewers of this spin-off hooked every time.

Iron Fist

So, you've found yourself stuck in another dimension with monks? Hmm...sounds a lot like the story of Danny Rand. A man, thought to be dead by the outside world, has been training since his tween years to become the great defender of land he came to call home. Preparing, day and night, alongside the younger half of the generation, in hopes that one may be chosen to hold an honorable title for the rest of their life is the sole reasoning for being in Danny's new world. That is until a path opens up and Rand finds himself on a journey back to the Earth he lost, 13+ years later. In the end, you can take the Iron Fist out of his dimension, but the duties of the powerful chosen one do not stop, regardless of location.

The Defenders is the congregation of four people that want to protect and honor the city.

How do these four forces meet and what keeps them together? You'll have to watch to find out.

Each series as captivating as the one before and high ratings by beloved Marvel followers give a clear answer to the question,"Can Netflix hold up to Marvel's name?"

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