Not going to lie, I usually let this holiday slip right past me, which is a shame. This is the holiday that allows for the most creativity in America. Therefore, I've done my due research and I'm pretty excited to share what I've learned with you.

Although Halloween is the last day of October, Halloween events are extremely popular during the whole month. Whether you're a mom looking for a craft the kids might like or a college student hoping to have a fun night, I have five spook-tacular ideas for you to make the most of your Halloween.

1. Go to a local Halloween Event

Haunted houses, corn mazes, and ghost trails, OH MY

Your city is sure to have something fun going on, whether it is a haunted house, neighborhood picnic, or Thriller-themed dance.

The best way to find information about your city's Halloween events is through the website, which could also inspire you if you're looking for a Halloween costume, still. If that doesn't work, look up your local newspaper's website and check out the activities calendar.

I will be in the city of Springfield, MO during Halloween, and some particular events caught my eye. I would personally like going to the Campbell's Maze Daze, McKenna's Pumpkin Patch (they have baby animals!), or to the Haunted Forest. Candy corn is pretty sweet, but planning a Halloween-themed excursion with friends or family is sweeter.

2. Decorate your home

Nothing like some decorations to get you excited for Oct. 31

There are so many reasons to do this! First of all, decorating your house is fun – it puts you in the holiday mood and reminds you that Halloween is fast approaching. Also, decorating your house will help the parents of trick-or-treaters know your house is one they can stop at for candy.

Some do-it-yourself Halloween decorations could be simple, like cutting out bats from black cardboard paper and taping them all over your house. You could also make the traditional jack-o-lanterns. But if you want to get real fancy, like creating specimen jars, a welcome sign for trick-or-treaters, flying ghosts, a spider wreath, or more, then you should totally check out this website.

3. Make some delicious treats

Getting creative with cookies is always fun

I bet you could tell me the top three things you like eating whenever your friends/family get together for Thanksgiving each year. Could you do the same for last year's Halloween?

I don't think people really cook special meals/treats for Halloween. I predict people just buy store bought candy instead. That is such a shame, since Halloween allows for the most creativity out of all the holidays in the U.S.A. I think we should make something more radical than caramel apples and pumpkin pie. This could be the year you wow people with spider cupcakes, chocolate mice, or skeleton cookies. If those ideas don't appeal to you, don't worry, you can find more interesting ones here.

4. Dress up!

Easy, and creative, Jim. It's an instant win.

I think we can all agree that most people like dressing up. If people didn't, then PartyCity, SpiritHalloween, and any other costume stores wouldn't be in business.

There's something entertaining about pretending to be your favorite character from Game of Thrones, that overly dramatic celebrity couple with your significant other, or even an inanimate object.

If you need any inspiration for costumes, look to your favorite cartoon character, favorite candy, song lyrics, or more. A girl got her fifteen minutes of fame by being the "roommate back in Boulder", a character mentioned in the song "Closer" by Halsey and The Chainsmokers. It was very creative and cost-efficient, because all she had to do was create a sign that said, "I'm the roommate from Boulder."

5. Watch something scary

If you're going to watch a scary movie, don't watch alone!

I don't think it is Halloween without watching something scary. You could stay at home to watch a cult classic, something kid-friendly, or something downright horrific. You could also venture out into the movie theaters and see if that new horror film is better than last year's. The level of scariness is up to you to decide… unless your friends or significant other are forcing you to watch something they love.

Personally, those DCom movies never get old, so grab your favorite compadres, turn of all those lights, and get ready to be spooked. Shout out to Hocus Pocus for being ranked as the #1 movie out of the Top 100 Halloween Movies of All-Time on imdb.

I hope this list of ideas was useful for you. Now reach out to your friends and family, make some concrete plans, and get excited! Halloween is almost here and you are now prepared to do something fun with it.