College Best Friends

College is a place where you will meet countless new people who are coming from all over the world to pursue their education. Each person you meet will have a different culture, different interests and passions, and different stories to share with you. Of course some people you may not be too fond of. Then there will be others who will wind up becoming your closest friends.

You will cherish those people for the rest of your life. Those are the people you can open up to and share your struggles and your stories. Those are the people who will offer you a shoulder to cry on when you feel too distraught to function. Those are the people who will offer you endless advice and support. Those are the people you can go create new memories and experiences with whether you go on trips together, get involved in clubs, organizations, and sports on campus together, or just hang out and watch Netflix.

I am very fortunate. Throughout my college experience so far, I have met so many incredible souls who I know I will be friends with forever. I have those friends I can go on midnight walks with and simply just talk about our lives and our problems. I have those friends I can vent to when I'm feeling lost, angry, and sad. I have those friends who I can go get pizza, a burger, or a brownie sundae with at 1 am and then hang out and watch Netflix together until almost 3 am. I have those friends who I can go to the game room with and laugh while we play several rounds of air hockey and pool. I have those friends I can throw a frisbee with and just enjoy the outdoors in the brisk autumn air. I have those friends I can watch SNL with on Saturday nights, those friends who will make me a warm cup of tea when I'm not feeling well, and those friends who will do other nice things for me like wax my eyebrows and do my makeup. I have so many people who I am so grateful for in ways that would take way too long to try to fully express, and that's a beautiful thing!

I hope everyone at college can be as blessed as I am. It doesn't matter how many friends you have. My reasoning is always quality over quantity. If you can find those friends who are genuinely there for you and you click really well with, hold on to them, let them know how much they are appreciated, and treasure them forever.

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