Makeup Products That Will Change Your Life

Makeup Products That Will Change Your Life

And a Couple Beauty Products

Ok, so maybe they won't change your life. But as someone who was a dancer for 14 years and has been regularly wearing makeup for the better part of a decade, I've found a few staples that have been with me for a while and will hopefully stick around for years to come.

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eye Shadow Palette

I. Love. Eye. Shadow. I own many palettes, including multiple other Too Faced palettes and this one is without a doubt my favorite. There isn't one color I don't love, and each one is pigmented and long lasting. I love the look guide included and could spend hours playing around creating new looks. This was my first Too Faced palette, and was worth every penny. Plus it smells delicious.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner and LA Colors Eyeliner

I like both liquid and regular (stick? pencil?) eyeliner. I'm partial to everything ELF because it's cheap and works well. My makeup bag currently has four of their liquid eyeliners because I love it that much. Liquid eyeliner can be intimidating, but this one has a thin brush which is easy to use and make precise lines with. Plus it washes off easily if you mess up. I also really like LA Colors eyeliner because it goes on easily, doesn't need to be sharpened and provides a lot of color with little effort.

Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes

I love Ardell eyelashes, and use many different styles, so it was hard for me to pick which one is my favorite. I bought these Wispies thinking they might be fun to try out, but would be way too big and dramatic for daily use. Boy was I wrong. At first, they looked a little crazy because I usually wear more understated lashes. However, despite what they look like in the package, once their one I didn't look like I was wearing fake lashes and more like I had been blessed with long dark lashes instead of my short blonde ones. These have quickly become my favorite Ardell lashes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Before I discovered Batiste, I was a bit of a dry shampoo connoisseur. I spent so much time and money trying different shampoo/conditioner combinations, different drying techniques, a variety of dry shampoos. No matter what I did, my hair is always greasy within hours of taking a shower. I can't say enough good things about Batiste, they should really hire me as a spokesperson. It works wonders! It soaks up the grease without leaving white powder or residue in my hair, it lasts all day, it's cheap, it's easy to find, a little goes a long way and there are so many varieties, all of which smell amazing. Ulta recently had a sale online where I got 10 for about $40, which made me so excited I actually teared up when they came in the mail. One million stars for Batiste, you won't regret trying it.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick

While I don't like Jeffree Star as a person, I gotta give him credit, his liquid lipsticks are kick ass. They claim to be scented, and maybe it's just me, but they just smell like lipstick, which is fine by me. The pointed brush allows for easy application, they dry matte without being overly drying and last for hours. I'm an avid Mountain Dew drinker, and it holds on for dear life without getting on the can or needing touch ups. Pictured are three of my favorites, in order, Calabasas, Hunty and You Better Work. I like the variety of colors, including multiple shades of nude, there's one for every look.

Cetaphil Lotion

I've been blessed? with skin that doesn't know if it wants to be dry or oily. What it does know is that it likes to get all pink and angry at almost any sort of moisturizing/cleansing product. It's a little pricey for lotion, but Cetaphil is the only thing that takes care of my dry skin without angering it. It's unscented, not greasy and a little goes a long way, so the bottle seems to last forever.

Kiss and Duo Eyelash Glue

This was another one where I couldn't pick between the two. I love them both because they both work really well and don't smell like plastic or glue. I like to use the Duo one because it dries clear despite being white and doesn't come out too much at once. The Kiss one is the one I keep in my purse because the little wand is really good at gluing down rouge corners that come up throughout the day.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

I love a mascara with a big, thick brush that provides a lot of color with little effort. Plus it doesn't flake. What's not to love?

Wet N Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana

If you're like me, pale skin and blonde hair, bronzer can be tricky. I want to look less ghostly/sickly without looking like a cheetoh and not having my face a different color than the rest of my body. I love this bronzer because it does just that, plus I love how big it is and how easily it goes on and comes off.

NARS Night Fairy Eye Shadow

My mom gave this to me as she was cleaning out her makeup drawer. I'm partial to ELF, Wet N Wild, I don't like to spend a ton of money on makeup. I'm not sure why my mom didn't want this because I'm absolutely in love with it. First off, purple is my favorite color, and cool colors tend to be the most flattering to my complexion. This eye shadow isn't super pigmented unless you pile it on, which I love. It's perfect for the brow bone, it's a fun glitter accent that doesn't make you look like a stripper, and my favorite way to use it, as a highlighter! I've bought products that are marketed as a highlighter, and none of it comes close to the payoff this gives me. I love a makeup product that can be used for more than one thing, which is why this is something I would definitely splurge on and purchase in the future.

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What To Expect For Your First Brazilian Wax

Be informed and do it right the first time!


It's going to hurt like hell, you're going to swear to yourself you're never going to go through with it again, and that you've betrayed your razor. Just like the pain, these feelings will subside.

Before The Appointment.

First things first girl, you must let your hair grow out very long. Ideally, it should be longer than a grain of rice. Absolutely do not shave two to three weeks before since the wax will have a harder time gripping onto short hair, likely leaving it behind. When I hear Brazilian, I think bare. Hairs left behind defies the whole point of a Brazilian, so please just wait.

Next, you should exfoliate the area a day or two before your appointment. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin around the follicle, making hair removal a tad easier.

Right Before.

Now, it's the day of your long-awaited Brazilian appointment. Shower, which is self-explanatory and a nice gesture for your dignity and much appreciated from your esthetician, though do not exfoliate. That will irritate the area before the waxing even begins. It will help to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Yes, it will still hurt, but it will help.

During The Wax.

During the session, relax. Your esthetician should guide you in deep breaths and knows techniques to minimize the pain.

Personally, I love going to the salon because it's like a free therapy session. You can vent and talk about anything and they'll likely listen and give you their opinion, or silently judge. They're already seeing every bit of you, so nothing seems off the table, but proceed with caution and just be yourself.

When the wax is over, they will apply a cooling crème, gel, oil, or other product to soothe the stressed skin.

After Care.

After the appointment, it's crucial to be aware that everyone's skin heals at different rates. It's also likely you will develop little white bumps from waxing. To inhibit ingrown hairs from forming, I've found that applying Thayer's witch hazel, or another witch-hazel toner without alcohol helps the healing process immensely. Then, top it with a hydrocortisone cream. It helps with redness and swelling. If you don't have witch hazel, that's perfectly fine. Just proceed with hydrocortisone cream and an ice pack if needed.

I'm aware that these after-care instructions make a Brazilian sound like a terrible self-inflicted experience, but I can assure you'll be going back for more. After the bumps subside, you will love the smooth skin, the ability to hit the pool without the worry of "Did I shave?" In a way, I'd compare the experience to giving birth, but way less painful. Yes, it hurts, but women are strong. They become pros at childbirth, and soon, you'll become a pro at Brazilians.

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