#All Lives Matter

Over the last week, two innocent black men were gunned down by police. All social media platforms were enraged and in a complete uproar. Just logging into Instagram, I saw the cruel and despicable slaughter of an incident unarmed black man. Could you imagine your Facebook media feed filled with your loved one’s life being taken right before your eyes, for the world to see? We always express to our spouses and children “Have a good day” or “I love you” but what if it’s your last time saying this?

On my way to work this morning, I cried as if my father or child was killed and taken away from me. My heart ached so bad that I prayed to God and asked: "why is this happening?" We have all seen violence on television, movies, or even heard it in a song but when do these selfless acts of crime become our daily reality?

What is the real issue? It is a fact that black on black crime exists but why as a black woman should I only get angry and upset when someone is shot innocently by a police officer? What’s ridiculous is a Baltimore native rapper being slain by gunfire in broad daylight with no witnesses leaving a community event? Does his life matter? It is not fair across the board people!

I have come to the conclusion that it’s not about race or class, but we all have to consider where the change is needed. We all need to come together as a unit to stop all this hatred, bashing, and killing people. I strongly believe that if we all just support one another in more ways than the average norm the world would be a better place. If my people could just stop with gun violence towards our brothers and sisters, rainbows would begin to shine brighter. Yes, I completely and will forever agree with "black lives matter" but in retrospect "all lives matter"! Those men lives should not have been taken and to seek justice we all need to become one. I picture a life taken prematurely as a scar on my physical body that will never go away. Let’s all stand strong for these innocent black men and for the others who lost their lives due to gun violence because all lives matter.

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