It seems like currently at the start of 2017, all my friends and family on social media are encapsulated by the end of the Obama presidency. It has been made clear that family leaving the White House has demonstrated so much finesse through all the ebbs and flows, particularly during the president's last farewell address that many tuned in to hear earlier this week. If I am being completely honest, it seems like the part of America that chose not to vote for Trump is reeling at the end of an era, a love story, a monumental stretch of history.

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So let's just say I'm not observing an emphatic reaction such as this...

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Instead, more like apprehension at the potential political and racial transformation that this country could undergo.

But c'mon, can't we be a little more optimistic?

When the ball dropped in New York City at the center of Times Square, my news feed was bombarded with posts of #NewYear #NewMe, and I think we should try to stick to this sentiment. No doubt, this marks the end of something awesome, but we should try to envision the start of something new as exciting in its own right. While it may not feel so at the moment, let's wait and see what's in store.

Rather than feeling sadness and fear, we need to maintain a degree of hopefulness. And if change needs to happen, let's gather the will to step up and focus on making that a reality!