How to Make Winter Mornings Easy
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How to Make Winter Mornings Easy

... Or at least more bearable

How to Make Winter Mornings Easy

These long winter months really can be tough on us all: Grey, cloudy skies that refuse to show even a glimmer of sunshine; The mushy brown snow which somehow happens to get on the left upper thigh of your pants; Below freezing temperatures having you swear you have frost bite on your nose, ears, and feet.

While all of those things do in fact, well, suck, there are a lot of ways to make those subzero days actually (dare I say it)… enjoyable! We all know a good day starts with a great morning, so why not make the winter ones just as rewarding and enthusiastic as a summer AM? Some of us are morning people who like to hear the birds chirping at the crack of dawn, while others would rather have to pay for wifi, be stuck behind an eternally slow walking person and go to the dentist daily than wake up before 10 AM. OKAY, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the point still stands.

Now, if you’re more of an early bird like myself, finding a good morning winter routine to start the day off right shouldn’t be too tough. Here’s a list of things to add to your personalized agenda:

1. Chug a full bottle of water before you even get out of bed

2. Go to the gym! Or just do something to get your blood pumping and some early morning release of endorphins (those chemicals that trigger you to feel happy and stress-free)

3. Take a hot shower

4. Sing in that hot shower (you’re basically Beyonce anyways)

5. After the shower, moisturize... EVERYTHING!!

6. Get dressed… fashion doesn’t count in the winter plus you already worked out so you’re already a beast. Just do it, throw on that giant hoodie

7. Drink a cup of hot lemon water (you can/should add honey)

8. Spend at least 15 minutes by a window actually enjoying the natural light and beauty of the snow ….or muddy pavement?

But if you’re not and you woke up this morning at like 11am (or wish you had)...

1. Set your alarm 15 minutes before you need to get up (yes, only fifteen minutes.. enjoy the warmth of your bed while it lasts!)

2. Chug a water! It’ll wake you up and it’s good for you

3. Pick out your outfit and throw your shirt and pants in the dryer on low heat

4. Take a COLD shower.. lol yeah right. It's fine, take a hot one, but try and do a splash of cold water at the end at least to wake yourself up

5. Sit in your robe/towel/under the covers for at least 10 minutes

6. Go get your clothes in the dryer! Ahhhh warmth wow yes

7. Wait! Moisturize first (no one wants to see your dry elbows) then put those warm pants on. Yup.

8. Now get a coffee.. you need it

Finally, it’s TIME TO EAT! This is the number one way to start our mornings off successfully! After a delicious breakfast, there's no way the cold temperatures will get you down!! Here are some morning meal ideas (Disclaimer: I live in a dorm without a kitchen so this is what to eat with minimal equipment.. yeah we would all probably prefer a stack of homemade chocolate chip pancakes and hash browns but hey, we make do):

1. Oatmeal with peanut butter, honey, and berries

2. Cut up an apple and sprinkle it with cinnamon, microwave for a minute, add almond butter and honey, stir and enjoy

3. Microwave/toast a bagel, butter that bad boy up

4. Find some muffins, warm up and eat them

5. Frozen waffle heated and topped with peanut butter and syrup

6. Cream of wheat with brown sugar

7. BACON! Yes you can cook bacon in a microwave (on a plate with lots of paper towels)

8. Poke lots of holes in half of a sweet potato with a fork, cube the raw potato, microwave the diced up pieces with olive oil and salt (if you have it) for about 2 minutes or until soft and cooked through, cut up some avocado. When the potato is out of the microwave, warm up a tortilla for 10 seconds. Put the sweet potato, avocado, cooked bacon and cheddar cheese in the tortilla, wrap up and devour

9. Find a cheap waffle iron.. buy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.. yeah I'm sure you already know where that’s going I don't even need to finish

10. Overnight oats, which you probably should have started last night, oops.

11. Smoothie from a prepared smoothie pack (put chopped fresh fruit or frozen fruit, a handful of spinach, yogurt cubes (yogurt pre-frozen in an ice tray) and any other smoothie ingredients you like into a ziplock bag and in the freezer) so all you have to do is blend it with the liquid

12. Cereal, in a bowl... or your hand. Either way a true classic

13. Take a mug and spray it with nonstick spray or butter or something.. Crack a couple eggs in a bowl, pour in some milk and scramble. Microwave on high for 45 seconds, stir, then microwave for another 30 seconds. You can add cheese or veggies or other add-ins now. There you have it, scrambled eggs in a mug!

14. Plain non-fat yogurt (or vanilla), chocolate PB fit (or Nutella), granola and chopped bananas

15. Peanut butter and banana on bread (it's never too early for a sandwich). I like to add almonds, chocolate chips, and coconut to mine too!

Last but most definitely not least, bundle up! After all that hard work, you just put into having a successful winter morning you DO NOT want to ruin it by freezing your butt of the second you step outside (automatic buzzkill). Hats, scarfs, double socks, 5 layers of sweatshirts.. whatever it takes to keep that brutal wind bite and numbing snow off your skin.

Sweet. You’ve officially completed your morning routine and you’re feeling super accomplished and ready for the day! Too bad the 17 layers you just piled on make you look like a giant marshmallow with legs (marshmallows are cute, though, right?). Eh, whatever. You’re warm, well fed and radiating good vibes. A satisfying morning routine makes the beautiful white landscape and clean smell of the brisk air much easier to enjoy.

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