Make Sure You Didn't Miss These 2016 Albums
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Make Sure You Didn't Miss These 2016 Albums

Is there any better way to look back upon the year?

Make Sure You Didn't Miss These 2016 Albums

2016 felt like many years, not just one. There was certainly a lot of new music during the last 12 months. Below you'll find 30 albums: some of the year's most iconic albums and some of the best albums from lesser-known artists as well. You've got more than half of December left to jam out, so get listening!

(These are not in a particular order- my favorites are scattered throughout; one is #27!)

1. Blackstar by David Bowie

2. Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco

3. This Is Acting by Sia

4. Don't You by Wet

5. The Psychedelic Swamp by Dr. Dog

6. You Are Going to Hate This by The Frights

7. (self titled) White Album by Weezer

8. Super by Pet Shop Boys

9. The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers

10. California by Blink-182

11. Good Grief by Lucius


13. Why Are You OK by Band of Horses

14. Cleopatra by The Lumineers

15. iii by Miiike Snow

16. Reflections in Real Time by Kilo Kish

17. Signs of Light by The Head and The Heart

18. Blush by Moose Blood

19. How To Be A Human Being by Glass Animals

20. Blonde by Frank Ocean

21. We're All Gonna Die by Dawes

22. saintmotelivision by Saint Motel

23. Big Mess by Grouplove

24. Puberty 2 by Mitski

25. I Am Not a Star by Girl Blue

26. Two Vines by Empire of the Sun

27. Being No One, Going Nowhere by STRFKR

28. Integrity Blues by Jimmy Eat World

29. Remember Us To Life by Regina Spektor

30. "Awaken, My Love!" by Childish Gambino

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