Ah, earth day. Time to whip out all of those beautifully breathtaking travel photos from last summer to show everyone how much you loOooOOvvVeeE planet Earth. Posting a picture in front of the Mediterranean Sea doesn't make you a tree-hugger, Karen, sorry to say. And though I loved seeing everyone posting about how much they love nature and want to save it, I wonder how many of these very same people are actually doing anything to~save the earth.

I read something that had a message similar to this one yesterday. It mentioned the same sort of ironic earth day posts, on vacations in Cancun posting about the surreal beauty of the wilderness yet drinking out of a plastic cup with a plastic straw and eating off of plastic forks while lounging on the chaise chair by the pool. And not to generalize-I'm sure this isn't everybody. But I am also sure that this fits the bill for a good majority. The message also talked about the t-shirts that people where declaring environmental facts and that it is time to save the turtles—and I am guilty of owning my fair share of these shirts—yet they may have been produced in the same degrading and detrimental factories that produce fast-fashion products.

I never thought of that.

As I was wearing my "Save the Turtles, Skip the Straw" shirt-which I totally stand by, don't get me wrong!! I realized maybe I was acting like one of these earth day wannabes as well. A saver, a preacher, a sayer. But a doer? Maybe not.

So let this be a reminder that actions speak louder than words, always. When you see that piece of trash, pick it up. On the way to the bus stop, through Turlington, in Plaza. You don't have to be at the beach to #unlitter, you know! This whole planet needs help and attention, not just the Instagram-worthy locations.

Remember to have compassion for this planet, the animals on it, and the people that surround you. "Earth day Every day" is something I stand by-something we should all stand by. But next time, we should make sure we're actually doing something about the issues we are shedding light upon.