The Major Difference Between Pence and Clinton
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The Major Difference Between Pence and Clinton

Email Controversies Again

The Major Difference Between Pence and Clinton
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Politics is always on my radar, but I’ve tried to step away and keep my opinion to myself. However, the newest “Trump scandal” is about Mike Pence’s private email server. At first, I was shocked, like most people were. I mean, President Trump spent most of his campaign calling Hillary Clinton out for her email misconduct. After looking farther into that news, my opinions have changed.

Mike Pence used his aol account to conduct state business when he was a governor in Indiana, which is not against the law. This server was broadly hacked, not a targeted attack. In addition, he did not send classified information over a unclassified server. However, the main issue that I see here is the fact that Democrats are so extremely hypocritical.

I understand that neither the case of Vice President Pence or former Secretary Clinton is ideal, but there is a major difference. For one, Pence’s actions were not illegal, while Clinton’s were. Mike Pence did not send confidential information, Clinton did. This isn’t my biggest issue.

The fact Democrats, Hillary supporters, and the media choose to excuse the fact Clinton sent classified information against the law because she said “sorry” is utterly absurd to me. She lied consistently about her actions on the private server, even stating “I did not email classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” Hillary Clinton also destroyed old devices, hid 13 email-capable mobile devices, and had her staff start to delete information from her server when things were brought into light.

Now, after Pence’s past use of a LEGAL, private email account he is being completely bombarded as a hypocrite. The fact of the matter is that Democrats refuse to believe that their “perfect” candidate could do even the slightest thing wrong, let alone have a major scandal in her name. The American people need to realize that these two scenarios are radically different, and must be treated differently.

I understand that the Trump Administration has done things you don’t agree with; that is fine. However, you cannot attempt to tip the scale in your favor by saying that Republicans are hypocrites for doing the EXACT SAME THING that Hillary Clinton had been doing tenfold.

The fact is, Clinton is just a machine politician attempting to cover her tracks, and until the American population realizes this, things are going to continue to fall apart and spiral out of control.

Hypocritical or not, Mike Pence’s email controversy is dramatically different from Hillary Clinton’s and that needs to be realized, and as quick as possible.

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