Mac Miller Is A Rap God

Mac Miller Is A Rap God

Mac Miller is one of the best rappers of all time.

Mac Miller is a rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is from the same area as other well-known rapper Wiz Khalifa. As well as being both a rapper and producer under the name Larry Fisherman. Correspondingly, he has gained extreme popularity following his many tapes that have released many years ago. When he first entered the rap league he was very young, still in his teens. Truthfully, Mac Miller was destined for greatness with his rapping ability and humble beginnings. Mac Miller can be said as starting to rap from the age of just 14. He is by far my favorite rapper right now and since. I have been a loyal, true fan ever since his first albums that he released. I can give many different reasons about why that is.

Mac Miller started from a bleak future almost dropping out of high school and barely even going to school in the first place. The few times he was in school, he was rapping in front of students. Whenever he could he would go home and rap. He would rap and freestyle at clubs to hone and develop his skills. With an immense amount of practice, he was slowly getting better and he released his first mixtape "But My Mackin Ain't Easy." His rap name originally was going to be Eazy Mac, although a rapper from Canada already had the name. It is alright though, Mac Miller is a better rap name. Chiefly, he released this mixtape being only 15 years old.

Mac Miller's best mixtape, in my opinion, was "K.I.D.S." This mixtape made him gain huge popularity and fans. This is when he took the phrase "Most Dope." The tape really stands for "Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit." It really was an amazing mixtape that portrayed his humble beginnings and early success. It is also portrayed what it means to be a kid and to live your life how you want too.

Mac Miller then released his album "Blue Slide Park." This album had critical acclaim and it was an album about where he is from and the park he would always hang out at late at night. The album is like a journey. A journey of a regular kid having dreams and being a nobody to accomplishing his own dreams and having success. The album depicts dealing with people who do not like you and dealing with money. Concepts of having fun and having energy embody this collective album. One song in the album hits on the problem of having a relationship and following your dreams. That song is "Missed Calls." It plays out like a conversation. Moreover, some songs on the album are like pop party. Singularly, the album debuted #1 on the billboard 200 chart. This was a huge feat for a new rapper like Mac Miller.

His other album "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" brought dark beats and super flow. Coupled with grand piano beats. He talks about drugs in the album and throughout the album sounds like a grand philosopher. Although one that does not have the answer to all life's endearing questions. The one song on the album that stands out and shines is "Someone Like You,” this is a pure killer song. The song shows his deep metaphors in his many songs and his great flow. For example, the song "I Am Who Am (Killin' Time.)" it's a fast flow song where he raps about a man robbing a store while holding a gun. In the song he also contemplates the existence of God. His song "Objects in the Mirror," is about overcoming addiction and his great obsession with music. The album represents that his life is like watching a movie with no sound. Hence the title of the album. The deep song "REMember" is a tribute to the death of a friend. Like other albums, he talks about the losses of family members or friends. An idea like other albums he talks about is relationship issues. Mac Miller even sings on a couple of songs here. Above all, we can see that Mac Miller makes strides in this album and gets better both lyrically and production wise.

His other great mixtape "Faces" which released on Mother’s day brought a dark Mac. A depressive Mac that expressed his problems and his beliefs. It is similar to the album "Watching Movies with the Sound Off." It is almost like a continuation of that album. On the mixtape he expresses his great fears and the failed war on drugs. He picks out people being fake and taking advantage of others. A great song on here called "Happy Birthday" is where he raps about being in a situation at his own birthday party and being depressed. People are not caring and are looking for any way to celebrate. The song "Insomniak" hits a dark nice trap beat. His other song "Friends" hits at friends and his problems with drug addiction and his relationship with his mother. It also hints at having poor self-esteem. Unquestionably, this was another highly rated mixtape.

Mac Miller's latest album "GO:OD AM." was another masterpiece. This album was excellent and a victory album of his career success and life. Ordinarily, the album was going to be like music to wake you up in the morning. It showed us a new side to Mac Miller that brought nice production with jazz and drum beats. He brought a sense of an invigorated self and a new person. Being that he has struggled with addiction in the past. The album touched on him overcoming his drug and alcohol addictions. Songs like "100 Grandkids" showcase his clever raps and gaining a lot of money. The song "When in Rome" is a trap banger that shows Mac's flow and where he explodes with furiosity. It was no longer a depressive bummed out Mac. The whole collection of songs were visionary. The album did well and it's one of his best albums to date.

Aside from that, Mac Miller has dropped many bangers throughout his rap songs. Some about smoking and getting girls. He gives major credit to his friends who helped him and the city of Pittsburgh for molding him into the person he is today. He dropped many psychedelic and fire mixtapes and albums. Mac has a distinctive smooth voice. One that is both chill and mellow. When Mac first started rapping people were calling him just a "Frat" rapper. Critics thought Miller would just be making college party music, but they were wrong. Everyone, including critics know that Mac has matured and that he is not just a "Frat" rapper anymore. Mac has evolved and has improved dramatically since first becoming a rapper.

Mac Miller is unlike any rapper ever known in the game today. He is a versatile rapper, being able to do many different projects and experiment on different things. In fact, he sings in some of his songs, originally wanting to be a singer, but rapping was where he was at his best. His rapping ability is fast and rapid. Additionally, his bars are both poetic and deep. Realistically, Mac Miller has the best flow I have heard from any other rapper. Whether he is singing or rapping it flows easily and the rhythm is on point. He has an explosive and electric rapping ability and his free styling is great at best.

In an abundance of his rap songs he talks about a lot of different things. He takes about the existence of God, which is a huge topic today. He talks about money, drugs, and women, like many other rappers. Mac even raps about battling demons and angels. Mac even has a song called "Diablo" which in Spanish means the devil. In some of his raps he uses a big amount of spiritualism. With his other projects though he talks about his many problems with drugs and depression. Miller admits he was not getting out much during his life, but has changed for the better. Mac talks about the problem with having money and the situations it causes. He raps about his parents being disappointed in what he has become. What makes him different though is his rapid rapping and his rhyming ability. His ability to rhyme every word at the end of every sentence is uncanny and amazing at best. In my best opinion, I feel like Mac Miller is a bit underrated. When you sit and listen to his songs you can see the great emotion he puts into his songs and the bigger topics he is talking about in his songs.

His best song to date is "Donald Trump." This song showcases his great rap flow and rhythm. The song to date has one hundred and nine million views. This is his top song, besides his one other song "The Way" with Ariana Grande. His guest appearance in her song has about two hundred and eighty million views or more.

Aside from his extreme talent and rap ability, he also can play many different instruments. He can play piano, drums, guitar and bass. He was able teach himself how to play these instruments without any lessons. He is a gifted individual. Mac made his dream come true by working hard all by himself, no one helped him out. The other fact that makes him my favorite rapper is because he talks about many other topics than just smoking, drinking and getting women like other known rappers. Mac is not one-sided by any means. Another reason why he is my all-time favorite rapper is because he worked diligently to get to where he is today. He also can be very relatable to other people. Miller gives out good messages to kids and adults that you can become whatever you want to do and be in life. He is a likable person being very comedic and who can crack funny jokes. Another reason why he is my favorite rapper because he is a good person who loves his friends, family, and where he grew up. The greatness of Mac Miller will continue and at being only 24 years old now and releasing all these projects and albums. Mac Miller definitely shows no signs of slowing down. His greatness and reign will continue. Mac Miller is truly a rap God.

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Cover Image Credit:

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An Answer To The Question Of Our Times, Does Lightning McQueen Have Car Insurance Or Life Insurance?

The debate has been settled.

My third year at Elon ended awhile ago, but there is one question I was asked this year that is still burning in my mind. It's not from a class I took or a meaningful discussion I made but it is still of utter importance.

Does Lightning McQueen have car insurance or life insurance?

It's been presented to me that he could have both but that answer just doesn't satisfy me. Sometimes not everyone gets to be right. Just like you shouldn't get a trophy for being the 12th best team in little-league, Lightning McQueen should have either car insurance or life insurance, not both.

My initial response was that McQueen has car insurance because, you know, he's a car. However, a deeper dive into the issue shows me that only fools would think this way.

Throughout the “Cars" universe it appears that cars are the main source of intelligent life on the planet. There are no signs of human beings ever existing. Even if you subscribe to the theory that all Pixar movies share the same universe, there are still no humans on earth at the time of “Cars."

With no humans around, it's reasonable to believe the cars think of themselves as the dominant form of life and would thus, have Car insurance. Our hearts are their engines. Our buttcracks are their mufflers. You get the idea. What's most important is that while life looks different for Cars, they would still refer to it their insurance as for their lives.

If you are still saying that since they are Cars they would call it car insurance, I would love for you to show me the “Human Insurance" card you keep in your wallet. Oh, you don't have one? That's what I thought.

If Lightning McQueen really had car insurance like in our world, please tell me who is working on him when he goes into the auto shop? A car working on another car sounds a lot to me like the “Cars" version of a doctor, not a mechanic.

Overall this debate is silly. Once you get past your initial instincts, It's clear to me that whatever the dominant, intelligent form of life is in the world, they would have life insurance. It doesn't matter if that is cars, kangaroos, or even refrigerators. The dominant life is life, and that life needs to be insured.

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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