3 Benefits of Lush Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair
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Hey Curly-Haired Girls, Give Your Hair Some Love And Use Lush's Shampoo Bar

Life's too short to waste plastic when you don't need to!

Oleg Magni

As a curly-haired girl who's dealt with terrible shampoos time after time, I decided I had enough with classic shampoos. You know, the ones that come straight from a plastic bottle. Even the most "natural" and "nourishing" shampoos never do my curls justice. My hair ends up frizzy, puffy and untamable (don't let me get started on the knots).


So, I decided to give Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetic's a try. I've used their face masks and creams, but I shied away from using their hair products because I thought it was a "waste of money." I used Lush's shampoo bar in "New" - a refreshing, "spicy" and tingly cleansing soap. At $11.95 for 1.9 oz, I was a little hesitant to purchase, but I'm happy I did.


After I used the shampoo for the first time, I was so pleased with the results! My hair felt smooth and looked shiny! My curls bounced to life. Lush sells around 12 shampoo bars and two solid shampoos online (some are exclusively sold online, like "Brazilliant"). Each bar gets around 70-90 washes depending on how often you wash your hair. I've put together some benefits of Lush's shampoo bars after around a month of use -

1. Transportability

Think about the struggle of carrying around huge shampoo and conditioner bottles when traveling anywhere. Lush sells aluminum tins - perfect fit for your shampoo bar. You can also put the bar in a small container to keep it safe. Also, you don't have to worry about liquid sizes for flying because the bar is solid.

2. Eco-friendly

Less packaging = less damage to the earth. Overall, Lush products have very minimal or no packaging at all. If you can, try to buy them in-store, so you reduce the ecological footprint of transportation, packaging and shipping.

3. Cruelty-Free

I chose to purchase the "New" shampoo bar because of its smell AND message - #BeCrueltyFree. This shampoo bar is vegan and cruelty-free, so animals aren't harmed during the making of their products.

Overall, I haven't had many negative experiences with the shampoo bar beside the occasional bar stickiness (from excess water in the tin or increased humidity in my bathroom). All I did was dry out the bar in an open area on a piece of paper towel.

#BeCrueltyFree and support Lush's amazing, eco-friendly shampoo bars!

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