Luke P. Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To "The Bachelorette"

Even if you haven't been keeping up with The Bachelorette this season, you've heard all about Luke P.

You may know him as the guy who crawled on the limo during his entrance, the guy who found Jesus in the shower, or just as the crazy guy from this season of The Bachelorette. He started off this season strong when he received the all-important first impression rose. However, America started to collectively roll their eyes at him when he said he was "starting to fall in love" with Hannah in front of all the other guys on a group date during WEEK 2 (!!)

Luke P. continued to stir up drama by violently tackling the other guys in a rugby game. It seems like every week he has picked a fight with a different guy in the house, ruining almost every cocktail party so far. Even Hannah got fed up with his behavior.

Hannah tried to send Luke P. home on his one-on-one date but he basically said nope and begged Hannah to give him a second chance (more like his 8th chance, though). This week, he reached new lows and delivered one of the most iconic moments in Bachelor-franchise history when he shouted at fellow contestant Garrett and threw bologna in his lap

I will never forget #bolognagate or the five-minute-long staring contest that Garrett and Luke P. had before Garrett was eventually sent home as Hannah giving the final rose of the week to Luke P.

Frankly, I just do not get what Hannah sees in Luke P.

Hannah came on this show to find a husband and Luke P. seems to be the exact opposite of husband material. Picking fights for no reason other than to assert your dominance over other men is a telltale sign of deep insecurity issues that need to be addressed. The worst aspect of Luke P. to me seems to be his mentality that he has ownership over Hannah, a trait that is worrisome in any relationship, but particularly terrible when you factor in his initial agreement to share her with 24 other men. In several other instances, Hannah has shown herself to be a strong, empowered, and independent woman, but when it comes to Luke P., it seems that even she is blind to the ways in which he tries to manipulate her.

It seems as though Luke P. has put Hannah in a box from the start.

Using what little information he knew about her before this season started to cast her as his ideal woman. A blonde, Southern, Christian, pageant-queen who could be his trophy wife. This is why he was able to so easily say he was starting to fall in love with her during week two. However, Hannah is not perfect, and she has made that very clear. I just hope that she is able to find someone who accepts all of her flaws, not someone like Luke P. who wishes they never existed in the first place. Deep down, I think she knows he is not the one.

I see glaring red flags in Luke P's behavior.

In a preview for the rest of the season, Luke P. takes a serious turn by shaming Hannah for having intimate relationships outside of marriage. This is the most concerning move by Luke P. so far this season as his jealousy and obsessive behavior becomes threatening. Forcing Hannah to speak about and defend her personal decisions on national television is way out of line, especially making her explain how she reconciles her behavior with her faith. This is crossing the line to emotional abuse.

As a Bachelor fan, it's hard to watch Luke P.

Luke's behavior may be good TV, but it's dangerous to broadcast to millions of people. He is the nightmare scenario for most women: an overbearing boyfriend who is jealous beyond belief, attempts to rob you of your individuality, and consistently gaslights you. His behavior is unacceptable and frankly, I am upset that production has not intervened to give Hannah the hint to kick him off for good. Here's hoping he does not make it to the finale. Otherwise, I may have to pull a Colton.

After all, why go with Luke P. when Tyler C. is right there?

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