Luke Combs is the MAN! Breakups are the WOAT, but love you, Luke Combs!!! Also, there's nothing better than going through a breakup and posting a bomb pic on Instagram in the weeks after. That's why his lyrics make for the perfect Instagram caption after getting your heart broken.

1. "What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace"

2. "I was feeling like myself for the first time in a long time" 

3. "And god only knows where we'll go and hell I don't care as long as we're out there"

4. "Yeah those were the days we thought we'd never lose"

5. "That clock on the wall will cure it all"

6. "Just a good buzz from a summer love was all it was"

7. "Nothing picks me up like a beer can"

8. "Don't tempt me with a good time"

9. "Got my head in a mess"

10. "I hope that you get everything that you had coming"

11. "When it rains it pours"

When rains it pours and we all know that nothing lasts forever, even a broken heart. Go out and treat yourself and just have a great time because we all know that's what Luke Combs would do!!!