10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Also The One That Requires The Least Amount Of Upkeep

10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Also The One That Requires The Least Amount Of Upkeep

You kind of have this unspoken pact that you are never “drifting apart,” even if you don’t talk for months at a time.

I met my low maintenance best friend over seven years ago when we were placed in the same Sunday School class. Our friendship grew throughout high school, even though we both went to different schools, had crazy busy schedules, and extremely different lives.

For as much as we didn’t see each other, you would think that we would have drifted apart. But, our friendship is still going strong three years into college with both of us living even more complicated lives.

The amount of movies we have watched, calories we have consumed, struggles we faced, tears we have cried, and memories we have made over the years together are remarkably special to me. What is even more special to me is the nature of our relationship.

Maybe you can tell from this description of our friendship which friend of yours if your low maintenance best friend.

How to know if you have found your low maintenance forever friend:

1. You don’t talk a lot

You don’t have that kind of friendship where you have to talk to each other every day. You kind of have this unspoken pact that you are never “drifting apart,” no matter if you don’t talk to her for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

2. Your main form of communication when you guys are away for school is tagging each other on Facebook

I mean, we still have to entertain each other somehow! And tagging them in anything that reminds you of them is the easiest way to entertain them and let them know you are thinking of them.

3. When you are both on break from school, you know you are about to catch up on several months of not seeing each other

The chisme is real, y’all. Honestly, drama is even more fun to listen to when it is told in the form of an epic of months rather than just a chapter a day.

4. You are both so tired from everything else that when you guys actually have time to hang out, you don’t do much

Other than watch cheesy movies, sleep and eat (a lot).

5. Actually going out and doing something rarely ever happens

And when it actually does happen, there is only about a three-hour span of time you have before you both decide that you would rather be home in bed watching more movies and eating more food.

6. Somehow they know you better than most of the people that you talk to on a daily basis

It never ceases to amaze me that there is such a high level of non-verbal communication. Or how they can predict what you said in a story you are telling them before you can even tell them? Or how they know exactly what you will order when you go out to eat.

7. Their family knows that they won’t see you again until the next school break

The last text message I got from my LMBF’s mom was, “She is back in town, so I guess I will see you soon!”

8. But when you to get to see her family again it is kind of like a mini family reunion

You get caught up on how everyone in the family is doing, who is marrying who, who got a new job, etc.

9. You have definitely talked about moving away together so you can actually be around each other

You have also probably discussed how you are going to raise your kids together so that they can share what the two of you do.

10. You wouldn’t trade them. Ever.

You would never be able to forget about them even if someone came into your life that was offering constant contact. Let’s just be honest, constant contact would annoy you anyways and you just love her too much!

Cover Image Credit: Allison Mallory

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To My Little Brother

Six things I want you to know.

I am not your mother, but I am your big sister.

I cannot even apologize for it, I am always going to act like your second mom. I am going to keep yelling at you to (please) put down the toilet seat and to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen. It doesn't matter to me how often you say "I am not your mother," because you're my little brother and I'm always going to be the boss.

I never mean it when I tell you to grow up.

I hope that you have taken, and continue to take, full advantage of your childhood. As often as I complain about your maturity level, my wish for you is to put off growing up for as long as possible. The closer I get to real adult life, the more I miss home and all of the worries I didn't have. You shouldn't rush through the years you have left at home, you are doing just fine the way you are.

No, I didn't tell Mom.

All of our secrets will always stay secrets. I may have ratted you out to Mom about being the one to break her new vase, but I hope you know that our brother-sister bond protects all of the private things we share. Please, never forget that I'll always be here to listen to you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for giving you your first bloody nose, and for laughing at you afterward. I'm sorry for every time I have blown you off for plans with a guy, or to get an extra hour of sleep. I'm sorry for yelling at you to leave me alone and for slamming the door in your face. I'm sorry for all of the times you asked me to play outside that I didn't. I'm sorry for all of my broken promises.

I forgive you.

I forgive you for all of the “little brother" insults you have used. I forgive you for using all of my paints and letting them dry out. I forgive you for embarrassing me in front of every guy I ever brought home. I even forgive you for cutting off that piece of my hair in fourth grade.

I am so proud of you.

It isn't said nearly enough, but I am so proud of you, little brother. I am envious of the passions that you have and the way that you pursue them with no fear! I am excited to see where you go in life (but don't go anywhere too quickly). Keep working hard and doing what you love, no one can fault you for following your heart. I love you so much, and I will always be your biggest supporter and fan!

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Having A Long Distance Bestie Is A Struggle At Times, But Their Friendship Is So Worth It

You may not see them every day or talk to them, but getting to see them after so long is one of the most memorable moments.


When you grow up it's normal to see your best friends every day because you go to school together, and then the weekend comes and you get to hang out and do stupid things all weekend. Then reality hits and you're off to college. Most of the time, you and your best friends won't end up at the same college.

My friend Brittany attends the University of Cincinnati and I'm here at Cleveland State, so obviously we are farther away than we're used to. When she left for college fall of 2017 I was sad because one of my best friends was going to be so far away from me. I wouldn't get to see her every day.

Our friendship was always there and I remember the first time we spoke. I was the new kid at school and we had band together. I played the saxophone, and when I sat down and looked over, Brittany also played the saxophone. We also literally had on the same shirt, but hers was black and mine was pink. From then on we called each other "twin" because we owned the exact same clothes and sometimes we even came to school with the same thing on, not planning it ahead of time.

After the 5 years of friendship from the 8th grade to our senior year of high school, we always knew that even away at college we'd still be just as close and we were. We made it a point to Facetime each other at least once a week to check up on each other and see how school was going and if we made any new friends, and somehow, we did.

It's nice having a best friend that's at a different school because when times are hard you can always pick up the phone and vent and they will always answer. Not only that but, when you get sick of your own school you can road trip to their school for the weekend.

The best thing is when you're both home for break and can spend time together. There is no better feeling than walking into Britt's house during winter break and seeing her after going months without her. The best part is that nothing ever changes. It's always the same. Also, seeing your close friend's family after you went months without seeing them is very rewarding because it's like both their kids are home from college. You get to give them the biggest hug too.

You both carry different lives because now you're growing up and trying to struggle your way through being a broke college kid — finishing your mountains of homework for the week and balancing a social life with your new best friends. That can be hard because your friendship with them isn't the same as it is with your main squeeze from your hometown, but you end up making it work anyways.

One of the most fun parts about your bestie being at a different school is that when you go visit them or they come and visit you, you get to meet all their new friends and they can meet yours and become friends with them too.

You get to see their new way of life and how successful they're becoming. They get to be there with you while you do the same. Although it's hard not having them here with you, they are proud of you and will always be there every step of the way. Plus, you can carry on your traditions for the rest of your life and make new memories with them — even though they're hundreds of miles away.

Brittany, I know I don't get to see you every day anymore and watch you trip over your own feet because you're a clutz, but having you has been a blessing and watching you succeed has been one of the best journeys.

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