This topic tends to be more popular than most people would think even though it is not talked about often. I am an independent girl who still wants a boy in her life, and these two aspects can be tricky to mess.

The young men out there who still have some chivalry in them find this especially hard. I have first-hand experience with incidents where it seems like my independent attitude has gotten in the way with my love life. Picture leaving a store with a significant other and you have a few bags. In my head, I can carry all those bags myself and I don't need help with any of it. However, in my significant others mind, he needs to help me with my bags or he looks bad. In this day and age, people don't judge as they did back in the day. Women have become much more independent and can carry their own bags. They appreciate it since it is a nice thought and shows that you care. This instance sticks out to me a lot.

Another issue that seems to arise is who is supposed to pay for dinner after you've been out, whether once or if you have been dating for a few months. Back in the day, it was the male that paid for all the meals and women were not allowed pay. In today's day we are living in a different world, so not letting your date pay often makes them feel less than you. At the same time your boyfriend or whoever you're dating often feel like it looks bad on them for not paying.

In reality, do you really think that people are focusing that much on who paid the bill at dinner?

A final one that seems to still happen here and there is that the male tends to be the one who needs to drive ALL THE TIME. The fact that the male will look bad if they have their wife, girlfriend driving them around is just wrong. The shocking truth is women WANT to drive, we didn't get our licenses just so that we could be the passager in your car. All of these examples have the factor in common where males feel as though they need to be dominant in these situations or they look bad.

Women don't need a man to do anything for them. Though we still want a love life and relationships, you will just have to get over yourself and realize that women are just as capable as men. You just have to accept that we don't need you unless we choose to. I love boys like so many of us do, but that doesn't mean I want to give up my independent ways for love.