Loving An Independent Woman Isn't Always Easy

These Days, Loving An Independent Woman Is No Walk In The Park

She's independent but that doesn't mean she doesn't need you.


This topic tends to be more popular than most people would think even though it is not talked about often. I am an independent girl who still wants a boy in her life, and these two aspects can be tricky to mess.

The young men out there who still have some chivalry in them find this especially hard. I have first-hand experience with incidents where it seems like my independent attitude has gotten in the way with my love life. Picture leaving a store with a significant other and you have a few bags. In my head, I can carry all those bags myself and I don't need help with any of it. However, in my significant others mind, he needs to help me with my bags or he looks bad. In this day and age, people don't judge as they did back in the day. Women have become much more independent and can carry their own bags. They appreciate it since it is a nice thought and shows that you care. This instance sticks out to me a lot.

Another issue that seems to arise is who is supposed to pay for dinner after you've been out, whether once or if you have been dating for a few months. Back in the day, it was the male that paid for all the meals and women were not allowed pay. In today's day we are living in a different world, so not letting your date pay often makes them feel less than you. At the same time your boyfriend or whoever you're dating often feel like it looks bad on them for not paying.

In reality, do you really think that people are focusing that much on who paid the bill at dinner?

A final one that seems to still happen here and there is that the male tends to be the one who needs to drive ALL THE TIME. The fact that the male will look bad if they have their wife, girlfriend driving them around is just wrong. The shocking truth is women WANT to drive, we didn't get our licenses just so that we could be the passager in your car. All of these examples have the factor in common where males feel as though they need to be dominant in these situations or they look bad.

Women don't need a man to do anything for them. Though we still want a love life and relationships, you will just have to get over yourself and realize that women are just as capable as men. You just have to accept that we don't need you unless we choose to. I love boys like so many of us do, but that doesn't mean I want to give up my independent ways for love.

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'Unplanned' Is The Movie Of The Year

Abby Johnson's story is real, powerful, and deserves our attention.


A suspended Twitter account, an R rating, and only 1,000 theaters showing it with an expected $3 million in sales. Flash forward to when "Unplanned" started showing...it's doubled in expected sales, beaten records left and right for views and money it's bringing in and is currently ranked #4 in the US. Besides unexpected and outstanding statistics, it's a movie about something new. Something Hollywood has never covered. Something that is raw and truthful, holding nothing back even if it's hard to watch.

Abby Johnson's story is real and powerful. She's seen every single side and hidden corner of the pro-life/pro-choice movement in her own personal life, which makes her the perfect voice for the unborn and unplanned.

You can't hear her story or watch "Unplanned" without relating to at least one part of it.

Is it graphic? Yes. But is it over dramatized? Nope. Everything within the first 30 minutes of "Unplanned" is what happens every hour of every day in America and we call it equal rights for women. Personally, I've always been pro-life. But after leaving that movie, I've never been more pro-women. I was angry watching it. Women are lied to about everything in Planned Parenthood. Women are coerced into killing their own children and then told that it's not even a child yet. These women are scared, hopeless, and looking for an instant solution and Planned Parenthood takes advantage of it and makes money off it. If you're a woman and reading this, why AREN'T you angry yet?

This movie was everything the world needed after New York dropped the ban on late-term abortions. This movie is everything this country needed to see. For once, someone took a risk and threw hard, real, truth out into the world and didn't sweep it under the rug.

Pro-life, pro-choice, whatever you are — this movie is the movie of the year. The only excuse for those who don't go and see it is that they too like to sweep things under the rug.

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Newsflash! It's Time For Everybody To Love Everybody

Come on, people, get it together.


I, personally, think it's time for everybody to just start loving each other. Now listen, this doesn't mean you need to actually love everyone, but at least accept them. Acceptance is the closest thing we are gonna get to loving each other.

Let me tell you a little something: politics at the moment are very messy. No matter which side it is, it's messy. There is no denying that. If you try to deny that, then good for you, you're not helping anybody. If you really want some change, you need to start being the bigger person. Change isn't about who can yell about something louder or who has the "better" argument, it's about being respectful.

Just because someone has an opposing view does not mean you need to yell at them. Does yelling solve anything ever? Maybe temporarily, like for 2 minutes, but that's about as long as you're gonna get. There's absolutely no need to indirectly say something about certain individuals on social media. Yes, there is freedom of speech, but everybody should keep in mind why they have that right and why they still have it.

I do not understand why it is so hard to be respectful of one another. If someone goes after another person talking about how absolutely terrible it is of them thinking something should be illegal, the person who's being yelled at should respectfully ignore the other individual's disrespectful remarks. If the individual does not stop, then they are not aware that they are making no difference in the world.

What I'm trying to get at here is that in order to love each other, we really need to accept all our differences. If we really want change we need to go right to the sources, not just yell at each other from across the street. If everyone learned to accept each other, life would be a whole lot easier. Is this ever going to happen? Of course not. This is the solution though, whether you think so or not.

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