The Loveless Generation

A couple weeks ago I decided to focus on what self love is and the importance of it. But as a society, not only have we lost love for ourselves, but the idea of love overall has sort of been lost as well. The idea of loving another, and loving each other. In today's society, we've lost sight of the true meaning of love. Love is not black nor white. Love has no color. We look out for ourselves. Look out for what is best for us and us alone. But you know what we forgot is important? a 4 letter-word: love.

That old school idea of dating and relationships have changed. Millennials have technology to deal with now a days, that was not present 10 years ago. Social media has been a huge part of the differences back then and now. How the dating culture has changed and how the idea of love has changed, maybe even for the worst.

With 21st century technology and social media on the rise, millennials have a whole new world of ways to communicate and converse. That person-to-person affect can happen through the phone with the click of a button. It is no longer the same. If you want to talk to someone within one second you are able to reach that person. Social media, although has done a lot of good, has also done harm to relationships in general. That "old school" love, really has disappeared nowadays. And it really is a shame because it is something we should be going back to. The idea of a true face-to-face conversation. Not just through the phone, or on media outlets.

With all these new forms of communication, that personable affect has been lost. Maybe it is time to bring it back. Because this idea of love and relationships has a whole new meaning in this day and age then it did a few years back. So maybe next time you want to talk to someone, don't just send a text. Bring back the face-to-face aspect. It is a lot better then looking into a phone screen after all.

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