Loving yourself.

Two simple words, one of the hardest things to accomplish. What does loving yourself even mean? Looking at yourself in the mirror and "loving" what you see, thinking you "love" your hair today? Loving yourself requires much more than just love for one day. Loving yourself requires hard work, dedication and honesty with yourself.

If you look in the mirror and don't love what you see, simple fix — change what you don't like. But in reality, how many of us think to ourselves about how much we actually love ourselves? It's a wonderful thing to love yourself when you look in the mirror, but what about when you're sitting in class and you answer an extremely difficult question that no one else got right? How many times do we think, "Wow I love myself for my intelligence?" The world is so caught up in looks and body shape, we forget to love the things that make us, well, us.

How many times a day do you say, "I woke up today and got myself out of bed. I love myself." For a lot of people, getting out of bed is one of the hardest things to do, and looking in the mirror trying to love ourselves is even harder. What I believe is that instead of just looking into the mirror and saying that we love our bodies, we should love ourselves for all that we are. We should love the way we laugh, and love the way our eyes look when were focused in class.

Too often in our society, girls are put under some sort of pressure to have a tiny waist, a big chest and backside, and basically nothing else. I'm not saying having those assets is a bad thing, but really? If you're trying to achieve a Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian look, I hope you have the kind of money to spend on plastic surgeries. Instead of being so focused on how our bodies look, we should be wanting to broaden our horizons, wanting to better ourselves day by day.

Loving ourselves comes with responsibilities and it takes time, but loving yourself first before you can love anything else is something everyone should live by. Don't be afraid to take time to yourself. If you need time to figure yourself out and someone gets mad at you for it, you should know that person does not love you as much as they say they do. Everyone single person on the face of the earth deserves self-love. If we stop and take time to learn to love everything about ourselves, the world will be such a better place. Loving yourself comes from within. I promise everyone this, you are amazing and you DESERVE to love yourself so selfishly that it may feel like you're dating yourself. Always remember that you're so fabulous, Beyonce would be jealous. I mean, maybe not, but you get the point.

Put your love on TOP.