Good Point, Bieber. I Will Love Myself
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Good Point, Bieber. I Will Love Myself

Yes Justin Bieber, I do like the way I look and I am going to go and love myself!

Good Point, Bieber. I Will Love Myself

I frequently work with kids with disabilities and this past week one of the girls was working on a craft, she stopped and looked up and said "I love myself". All I could think about was how wonderful that was. Here I am a healthy young adult pursuing my dream in college and I can't say that I love myself, but yet this beautiful young woman is not letting a disability hold her back from being capable of loving who she is.

Most people today look at self love as something that is selfish and not often times accepted as "normal". That instead we should be loving other people first. "oh you love yourself how conceded" - but honestly that is the most important things that we can do, love ourselves. If we are able to put ourselves first and love ourselves then everything else will fall into place.

Self-love is so important, you are you and you're beautiful the way that you are. Trust me I know that it's not easy! I know being a girl in today world is hard, trying not to judge yourself based on stereotypes of what America sees as beautiful and what we see on social media. I struggle with it often and maybe that's why I'm not ready to love somebody else yet because I can't fully love myself. But there is nothing wrong with that because each day I am learning to accept who I am and strengthen that love for myself.

You may look at yourself and see flaws, but they are not flaws, you were created perfectly just the way that you are. You are you! And there is no one else out there like you, you are unique to this world and you are an important part in it . It is important to not let the negative thoughts over come you and do more important things like acknowledge your accomplishments and achievements. Be proud of yourself, it's okay to show pride in something that you do. It shows that you love a part of yourself and that is truly wonderful!

There is a quote out there that says "And if I asked you to name all of the things that you loved how long would it take you to name yourself?". I was thinking about this quote the other day and what I would say, and honestly I don't even know if I would name myself, because it just doesn't occur to me. How sad is that, I can name of a ton of things and people that I love but I forget about myself.

But why can't we say that we love ourselves? You should be at the top of your list. Often times we do so much for others that in the process we end up ruining the part of us that needs to tend to ourselves. We are so focused sometimes on making others happy that we forget about our own happiness. Your own happiness should be the focal point of your life, Because at the end of the day all we have is ourselves. People and things come in and out of your life all the time, but the one person who is always there for you is YOU!

So put yourself first! Learn that it's okay to fall in love with who you are and I urge you to! Go love the way you look, the way you laugh, the thoughts that you have, and the way you dance while getting ready in the morning. Love every little part about you so that one day you can share all of these things that you love about yourself with someone who will help you realize how important those things are and will love all of them too.

It's not something that is gonna happen over night, but it will come with time and a few simple daily practices. So...

- Stop comparing yourself to others

- Forgive yourself

- Compliment yourself

- Don't be sorry for being who you are

- Treat yourself

- Let go of what you can't control

- And most importantly learn that it's okay to love yourself!

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