If you know me, you know I'm almost down for pretty much anything. I give credit to my parents for this because they always pushed me to do and be whoever I chose to be. I chose to have the best of both worlds. I'm the girly girl, but also a tomboy. That might not make any sense, but let me explain.

My mom always makes fun of me because one day I'm getting my nails done with her and the next I'm in a deer stand with my dad. I'm all for the girl life. I love getting my hair and nails done. I love trying new skincare products and going on shopping trips. I love pampering myself and staying on top of trending items. I love it so much that I'm called the Kylie Jenner of the family. I'm also the family member giving makeup advice and helping people with outfits and doing peoples hair but I also love to do "boyish" things with my dad.

I love to target shoot. I love to spend time on the farm. I loved working with animals (even though I complain the whole time). I love going deer hunting and getting guns as gifts. I love driving the tractor and covering the gator in the mud. I love being able to have conversations about hunting and farming because it's something I've grown up around. I love being able to live the best of both worlds.

This hasn't always been easy though. I've been given weird looks when people see me in my camo overalls and muddy boots while I'm grabbing lunch before going back to the woods to hunt. My friends think it's really country of me that I target shoot and know the names of guns. Some people were even disgusted with my senior pictures because I'm holding a 500 magnum in them and it was considered very republican of me when I got a 357 magnum (the gun I hunt with) tattooed on my side.

But I haven't always gotten weird looks for doing "boy like" activities. My parents have been asked why they let me wear so much makeup. I've gotten looks for being more dressed up than others at an event. I've been asked why I follow so many makeup artists on social media. Some people think it's ridiculous that I always have my nails done and my hair always looks nice.

The point is, no matter what you do there's always going to be someone there to judge you. So be yourself and I mean fully be yourself. Don't be afraid to love what you love or to try new hobbies because of the comments and stares you might get for it. So what, I carry a gun on my hip with my nails pink and covered in glitter. You can stare and disagree all you want, but because I wasn't afraid to try new things with my dad and I go all out with my mom, I've created so many memories and hobbies in the long run.

Just be you.