Love to love or be loved.
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Love to love or be loved.

Falling in love is easy, staying there is another story.

Love to love or be loved.

We love to be in love.

Who wouldn't?

It is the most amazing feeling ever.

Excitements, it's really wild.

It's like a fire that burns and light much.

There, the pain starts. Too much fire you'll be got burnt and started to get hurt.

If you are to choose: To Be Loved or To Love"

What you prefer?

By choosing you should be wise though.

As you know you can't rewind the time, the days you will be spending by choosing either of the two.

Now, this is tricky, and for some instance, you may wish to choose both. Again, who wouldn't? That feeling is amazing!

But, you can't control and dictate life as you'll say "I want both"

In some cases, some individuals experienced both.

But most often, some experience being loved by someone. And some choose this one for they think this will make them happy.

True enough they are happy. But happiness has a limitation. Why? Well, can't you see, this situation may somehow involve the third party, not might be to one's end but the other. Being loved by someone doesn't guarantee a vice versa result. You may love the feeling of being love but the question is, in the end. Would you be loving the person who loves you back? Or would you just enjoy the fact that "Yes! I am being Love" You should know that is being selfish.

On the contrary, some just choose to Love.

Now, this is sweet. Crazy isn't?

It can't be said that this is much better than the latter, for this involved much craziness too.

Who would just want to love someone by having no guarantee of receiving the love back?

Someone who chooses this principle believes this, "Loving is giving and loving does not expect any return"

Just "wow", How about you? Would you want to do this?

Are you willing to be selfless, to give and give and give without expecting anything? Well, no problem with that. but if you choose this principle you should remember. You are just human, not perfect. you will come to a point where you'll feel tired. Be wise.

What would you choose then?

Loving and being love back is like a magical feeling, it is full of possibility. The dark will light up, the quiet will be filled with rhythm, the hollow in one's heart will be patched up, and the dismantled feeling will be sync together in an instance. Who wouldn't want that?

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