Every year on Cinco de Mayo, everyone suddenly becomes Mexican. There are sombreros, ponchos, mustaches and maracas everywhere you turn. Every Mexican restaurant is packed to its brim. Suddenly, everyone becomes a fan of margaritas, tacos, queso, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas… I could go on all day. I’m here to show these fair-weather fans that queso should be appreciated and loved every day. (Don’t worry queso, I will never neglect you.)

Despite what many people believe, you DO NOT have to eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. It’s okay. The Mexican conquistadors won’t come after you, don’t worry. But guess what?! You can eat Mexican (namely queso, my love) ANY DAY of the year, believe it or not. Here are multiple reasons why queso should be shown love and appreciation every day.

  1. First and foremost, queso can and will always be there for you.
  2. Queso will not abandon you. Even if you don’t visit for a while, queso will never leave.
  3. Queso will not ignore your calls.
  4. Queso won’t blame you for its problems.
  5. Queso is there for the good times and the bad. It will stick with you through any messy situation, even if it is the cause of the mess.
  6. Queso will not steal your man (although I can’t promise that your man won’t steal the queso).
  7. Queso won’t go behind your back or try to hurt you.
  8. Nothing is more satisfying than a large bowl of warm queso accompanied by some crispy tortilla chips.
  9. Queso teaches you of the perfect balance between cheese, milk and spices.
  10. Even if your next trip to the restroom isn’t the most enjoyable, you can find it in your heart to forgive queso.
  11. Queso goes great with margaritas (and who doesn’t love margaritas).
  12. Queso goes great with… anything.
  13. Queso is delicious…
  14. It’s queso… what other reasons do you really need?