I Love My Long Distance Best-Friend
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I Love My Long Distance Best-Friend

The struggles of having a long distance bestfriend

I Love My Long Distance Best-Friend
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In excitement of visiting my Friend in Virginia this weekend I couldn't help but reminisce on the times we shared when we were able to access each other at anytime. Words cant explain the struggle of having a friend that distance hinders the closeness. Wishing everyday life hadn't torn you in different directions. Although I’m grateful for the place I am in my life I still question God on why things ended up the way they did. Why did I have to leave my old school? Old friends? Theres positives and negatives for every change in life but leaving my friend probably has to be the hardest negative to deal with.

I love her life more than my own at times. We get each other and are always there for late night early morning convos. When you have a friendship like ours that literally picks up right where we left off, thats a true friendship. Were bluntly honest with each other using sarcasm and love and for that I’m grateful to have someone like her keep me grounded and I'm sure she feels the same.

I miss having that close distance friend that you can pick up on late nights when you just need a therapy drive. Or that friend that you can laugh about jokes and no one else understands or can begin to understand. I miss having her shoulder to lean on and being her shoulder to lean on. Occasional phone calls and texting are great but nothing beats seeing someone in that time you need them most.

Candice and I did everything together. From Starbucks trips, skipping class, riding around having come to Jesus meetings, basically if you seen her you seen me or vise versa. If you would have told me we would have lost touch upon me leaving King I would have laughed but it happened and we cant get that time back. Luckily though we were able to come back in each others life when we ultimately needed it.

Our friendship picked right up right where we left off. Lots of catching up and come to Jesus meetings later. Im finally going to visit her for fall break and my heart cant be anymore excited for this opportunity. I cant wait to laugh and sing in the Kia just like our King days and go to Starbucks to get her Chai Tea and my pumpkin spice.

God knew what he was doing when he brung us back together. I cant thank him enough for her presence in my life again.

P.S. Candice if you read this know I'm always there for you even if I am 300 miles away. I cant wait to see you.



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