My boyfriend and I have been official for 9 months now. We've known each other a little bit more than a year and have been on a constant adventure since. Being with someone for almost a year, you pretty much get to know them from head to toe. I know things from his favorite color to what hair products he uses, and he knows things from my favorite shows to when I'll be hungry again (which is pretty much every hour so it's not that hard). You could say we know each other darn good then. He's a great guy but every boyfriend comes with consequences... so here are 10 reasons I like my boyfriend, and of course I do love him, despite 8 things he does that ruffles my feathers...

I love my boyfriend, regardless of...

1. Not listening at all


I literally just talked for 2 minutes straight about something that happened to me today and I always get the famous, "what?" from him.

2. Farting with no shame


He can let it all out whenever he wants, but as soon as I do something along those lines he says he wants a "normal" girlfriend who doesn't do anything gross. Sorry hunny, but this is normal.

3. Sticking his feet in my face


He knows I hate feet. So, of course, he HAS to put them in my face.

4. Playing on his phone EVERYWHERE


Hello? We're watching a movie... and he's clearly not watching! But playing his new addiction... Battle Cats.

5. His way of making plans


Me: Hey, let's hang out on Friday!

Him: That's 2 days away, I don't even know what I'm doing!

Me: Hey, want to hang out tonight?

Him: You should've asked me sooner, I'm with my friends tonight!

I can never win.

6. Always being late


This one should've been number one. And when I say always, I mean ALWAYS.

7. Insists he doesn't want anything... but really does


"Are you sure you don't want anything? I'm just going to get a small fry then." And then continues to pick at my food and eat more of it than I do.

8. Burping. Then blowing it at me


He's really been doing this since the beginning. Whenever he burps, he always blows it at me. How romantic.

I'm sure every girl that has a boyfriend like me can relate or totally agree that our boyfriends can be pretty annoying at times. But that's what makes them, them! Despite all those, I have really fallen for him. Here's why he's really the MVP of all boyfriends.

1. Always making me laugh/smile


Whenever I'm sad or feeling down, he always knows how to crack a smile or a laugh out of me and instantly make me feel better.

2. Spoiling me


Whether it's taking me on a cute date, or bringing me some candy, things like that always make me feel special and happy.

3. He's freaking cute


From his super pretty eyes to his flawless smile, everything about him is perfect in my opinion! Fun fact: he did win best smile for his senior class back in 2016.

4. He makes me feel loved


From cuddling in bed while watching TV to his goodbye hugs, he's always making me feel cherished.

6. He's funny


And by funny, I mean hilarious. He definitely has the best sense of humor I've ever encountered.

7. He suffers for me


Especially when I have AUX and constantly play "The 1975" over and over again.

8. He's very family-oriented


I truly love that about anyone, especially my significant other. His family is always his first priority, which shows signs of compassion, respect, and kindness.

9. Compliments me, not only on my looks


Even on my bad days.

10. He's my other half

Lexi Schroeder

He truly is. No one quite gets me like he does. I'm a very lucky girl to be with someone so great but irritating sometimes (kidding!). I highly recommend being with someone who you can also call your best friend.