A Love For Road Trips

A Love For Road Trips

“Some Beautiful Paths Can't Be Discovered Without Getting Lost.” ― Erol Ozan

Planning Fun Road Trips

I love Road trips. Give me a snack, a drink, some music a GPS, a growler and a travel buddy and I am all set. My love for road trips has brought me to some pretty cool places.

My dad is the ultimate road trip partner and is famous for the line "I'm not lost I know exactly where I am." The first time I heard those words we ended up seeing bald eagles in deposit, New York as we drove by the reservoir. That is a memory I will hold onto forever because of how cool it was to look out the sunroof and see them and know that it wasn't planned.

Sometimes the best part of a good road trip are the parts that you don't plan. Which brings me to my favorite road trip with my dad. In which he had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. I had taken my phone and planned out a 4-hour road trip all over the 'Central Leatherstocking Region' of New York.

We started out in Bainbridge, made our way out towards Cooperstown ultimitly ending up back in Oneonta. Along the way, we visted with my Aunt and Uncle. Visited my Grandparents at the cemetery in Franklin. Went to two different Microbreweries, and saw the Dummy light in Canajorharie.

All of this was acomplished with my dad not knowing a thing and just following the GPS from place to place. I picked a start and end point that would leave us a straight route from home going to and from. As the day went on my dad's frustration with just driving was growing and growing but in the end we both had a great day. He got to try new Microbrews and I got to cross an item off my Bucket list.

Since that road trip, my dad and I have gone on many others. Each of those an adventure all it's own. If I think about it we've had some pretty wild adventures from seeing Eagles in Deposit New York, to almost getting stranded with an almost dead car in Columbia, South Carolina.

My love for road trips and adventure has brought me to twenty-seven of the lower 48, and someday I'd like to cross all 48 off the list. The day I finally finish crossing through all the states I hope my dad is with me because together we make quite the road trip team. He doesn't usually go on a road trips without me and I can't remember the last time I went on without him.

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