February is here. Winter is slowly winding down. With it being the last full month of the season and the shortest one of the year, this can only mean three things. Valentines Day, Academy Awards (usually in this month), and Super Bowl.

This weekend households nationwide will be flipping on their TV's to tune into the most watched TV program in the U.S. Supermarkets will be packed and lots of bones will be left on plates. Like many football fans, for me, the Super Bowl is a bittersweet time. It's different than other sports considering it's one game instead of seven.

Also between the countless action, memorable commercials, food, and performance, it generates massive human interaction for a good solid 24 hours. At the same time, it's depressing considering the season doesn't start again for six more months. Between baseball, basketball, and football (the three sports I follow and watch), football is the one I'll pay the most attention to. With this weekend being the big game, here are eight reasons why I love the sport.

1. Contains action like no other

This is a statement that can generate an argument or two. Yes, it's mind-blowing to see people fight in hockey but since I don't follow the sport, like many, I enjoy seeing the ordinary weekly tackling leading to touchdowns and field goals.

2. It's different

The big game itself basically defends this reasoning. Instead of it consisting of seven, it's just one. Also, teams don't play the same team for three days. Nor do they play every other day.

3. Something to look forward to each Week

Since teams only play each other once a week, it gives fans an opportunity to get excited about the next one.

4. Consists of romance scattered across its crowds

At all professional and college sporting events, you see relationships, hook ups, and couples. If you compare all three at a basebal, basketball, hockey, and soccer game to a football one, the feeling is different. With the stadiums being smaller, the crowds are smaller. Since football stadiums are usally bigger, the crowds are. With larger crowds comes more love and crazier excitment, bringing the two together.

5. Makes Couples Happier

Who does'nt love seeing that special somebody in a jersey while cheering on their favorite team? With the loud cheering and action, it can only get better.

6. Generates Family Bonding

Between church, hebrew school, sports, and other activies, football is one sport aside from the others that personally creates family time and relaxation since professional games are mostly played on Sundays when most people are off from work and use the day to relax. It's also a good excuse to use your living room or to stay in on a Saturday afternoon(when the college games are played).

7. Has Buffalo Wings As It's Staple

Just like baseball has hot dogs and Cracker Jacks as a staple, football has Buffalo Wings as theirs. Yes hot dogs are delicous however, they dont fill you up or get you as pumped as buffalo wings do. Between them along with the celery and bleu cheese, and even a beer or two, what can be more appetizing?

8. Brings Communities together

Where do most teenagers and their families chill on Friday nights in the fall? Four words. High School football games. In fact, it's one of few events where you'll see them both together. Along with families, since they attract large crowds high school footall games tend to bring out other community members including polticans, high school alumni, and even the elderly.