Four years ago, cancer took my best friend away from me. He was the purest heart in the entire world and now he's gone. He may not have been in his youthful years anymore, but he was here and he was with me. Why did cancer claim him? Of all of the people that have done wrong in this world, it picked my grandaddy. Why?

Cancer, you ruined me at a young age. I didn't know what heartbreak was until he took his last breath because you took over. I didn't know what love was until I had to write a eulogy for him and say it through tears while he was laying in his casket and you were onto your next victim.

Physically, he's missing out on a lot of milestones in my life right now because of it. He didn't get to take pictures of me graduating high school. I couldn't call him and tell him that I got accepted into college. I can't hug him when I come home on the weekends. He won't see me graduate college. He won't be able to talk to my boyfriend and tell him what would happen if he mistreats me. I'll never be able to call him and tell him about my day. He'll never see me walk down the aisle of my wedding in my Cinderella-esque gown. I can't smell the sweet and spicy scent of his cologne anymore. He won't even meet my children and show them the same love he showed me.

I know that he's not in pain anymore because you're not in his body making his bones ache and he's not crying out in pain in the middle of the night anymore. Before you, he was healthy. He was happy. He was enjoying his life with my mom, my brother, and me. He was enjoying his time with his dogs and his camera. He loved us, but you didn't care.

You took the most important person away from me who taught me how to love, treat people nicely, and to respect others.

I hope you're happy for the pain you've caused me, but cancer, here's where you lost.

Mentally and spiritually he is with me every day and every step of the way. I feel him when I'm stressing out over a class. I feel his hands taking away all of the pain that you brought about years ago. He's carrying the load that I bear so I can be free of pain and stress and fear. He's with me still, so in a way you lost.