How To Lose The Freshman 15
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5 Things I Did To Lose The Infamous Freshman 15

Here are five things I implemented in my daily routine that helped me lose my freshman weight.

5 Things I Did To Lose The Infamous Freshman 15

We get it—it's your first semester in college, you're trying to get the hang of the dining halls and all of the good food when you go out with your friends. It's not unnatural to gain some weight the first year of college. First of all, just know that if you did gain weight, it's OK. You're still beautiful and strong and worthy of all the self-love in the world. However, if you do want to lose some of the pesky weight, here are some things I've noticed that have helped.

Work out at least three times per week.

This really isn't that hard to accomplish: you're in the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It'll help you a lot not only physically but mentally as well. Try switching between weights and cardio for the best results.

Cut out added sugar.

I still eat ice cream, but I eat Halo Top or Kroger Deluxe No Sugar Added Ice Cream now. Honestly, I think it tastes better because it isn't so rich, and I can indulge a little without feeling guilty. Just for comparison, a pint of Ben and Jerry's has ~1,000 calories.

I started intermittent fasting.

This takes about a week to really get the hang of, but essentially you pick an 8-hour window in which you eat (mine is 11-7), and then you fast for the rest of the time. You think you'd be starving, but honestly, I'm asleep most of the time anyway throughout that time, so it isn't too hard.

I drink more water.

This helps everything, not only my skin but also my digestion. Room temperature water is a lot easier for your body to digest, and I stop drinking water about 20 minutes before eating and resume about 20 minutes after eating, which helps your body in its initial digestion of food.

I practice moderation.

If I want pizza, I eat it. But I fill the rest of my day with more quality sources of protein, and I don't go crazy and binge. This is the biggest thing that I've learned and took me the longest to actually realize and implement in my own life.

No matter if you have trouble gaining weight, losing weight, or if you're just chilling in the skin you're in, it's important to practice and implement healthy habits while you're young so you don't face problems later on in life, and I'm so thankful I started now!

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