Look At The Little Things

Look At The Little Things

Don't be afraid to take the time to notice.

Being busy and a college student usually means that you are running from class to meetings and then to events and then barely get enough sleep. Time flies when you’re busy and young. Each moment has a task to do and place to be where you have to move again once you’ve barely been settled. As hectic as everything might be in your daily life, don’t forget to look at the little things in your life that make your life worth living.

The familiar phrase “stop to smell the roses” still rings true each day. Rushing around continuously keeps you from seeing the opportunities to recognize the beauty around you or even the people around you. You’re never too busy to take the time to talk to your family or friends. I know I need to call my parents at least every other day for advice or even to just give them an update on my life.

Being in Charleston specifically, I always find myself walking slower in the pretty parts of the city or taking the time to go on a walk to explore somewhere I haven’t been yet. Having that moment is such a special thing, where you get to see the simple features that just make the moment so amazing.

Usually when I look for the little things in my life, I find so much more than I was expecting. You never really know how much the little things affect you until you look at them closer. I never realized how much I missed seeing my twin brother on a day to day basis until I’m actually near him again and we catch up. But being around him after a long time, I notice so much more of the little things about him that makes him a great brother.

Noticing the joy that comes from the little things in your life will give you the best experience that you can have in your everyday life. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed or ignored, they’re way too important to be pushed off to the side. Happiness starts with the smallest of things and actions, so seek them out and make your own. Be the little joy in someone’s day or go out of your way to emphasize the little things. You’ll feel so much better when you do.

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To All The Nurses In The Making

We tell ourselves that one day it'll all pay off, but will it actually?

I bet you’re taking a break from studying right now just to read this, aren’t you? Either at the library with friends or in your dorm room. Wherever you may be, you never get the chance to put your books down, at least that’s how it feels to most of us. It sucks feeling like you’ve chosen the hardest major in the world, especially when you see other students barely spending any time studying or doing school work. The exclamation “You’re still here!” is an all too frequent expression from fellow students after recognizing that you’ve spent 10-plus hours in the library. At first it didn’t seem so bad and you told yourself, “This isn’t so difficult, I can handle it,” but fast-forward a few months and you’re questioning if this is really what you want to do with your life.

You can’t keep track of the amount of mental breakdowns you’ve had, how much coffee you’ve consumed, or how many times you’ve called your mom to tell her that you’re dropping out. Nursing is no joke. Half the time it makes you want to go back and change your major, and the other half reminds you why you want to do this, and that is what gets you through it. The thing about being a nursing major is that despite all the difficult exams, labs and overwhelming hours of studying you do, you know that someday you might be the reason someone lives, and you can’t give up on that purpose. We all have our own reasons why we chose nursing -- everyone in your family is a nurse, it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, you’re good at it, or like me, you want to give back to what was given to you. Regardless of what your reasoning is, we all take the same classes, deal with the same professors, and we all have our moments.

I’ve found that groups of students in the same nursing program are like a big family who are unconditionally supportive of each other and offer advice when it’s needed the most. We think that every other college student around us has it so easy, but we know that is not necessarily true. Every major can prove difficult; we’re just a little harder on ourselves. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with your school work and you want to give up, give yourself a minute to imagine where you’ll be in five years -- somewhere in a hospital, taking vitals, and explaining to a patient that everything will be OK. Everything will be worth what we are going through to get to that exact moment.

Remember that the stress and worry about not getting at least a B+ on your anatomy exam is just a small blip of time in our journey; the hours and dedication suck, and it’s those moments that weed us out. Even our advisors tell us that it’s not easy, and they remind us to come up with a back-up plan. Well, I say that if you truly want to be a nurse one day, you must put in your dedication and hard work, study your ass off, stay organized, and you WILL become the nurse you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t let someone discourage you when they relent about how hard nursing is. Take it as motivation to show them that yeah, it is hard, but you know what, I made it through.

With everything you do, give 110 percent and never give up on yourself. If nursing is something that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life, stick with it and remember the lives you will be impacting someday.

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Cover Image Credit: Kaylee O'Neal

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21 Cute Dates Every 20-Something Should Go On At Least Once In Their Life

Catch my single butt still doing some of these with my best friends.


It has been a while since I have been on a REAL date, but that got me to thinking about some of the incredibly cute date ideas that I miss. I also would love to partake in some of these ideas, even if it is a date with just my best friend! Butler has a pretty awesome campus that allows some of these ideas to be pretty convenient, while also fairly close to campus overall. So either take your best friend or your significant other and try out a new and exciting way to not only get to know them more but show them how much you care about them.

1. Tuttles Orchard

They have some pretty awesome events. Typically in August, they start their sunflower patches which are so aesthetically pleasing.

2. Go get ice cream.

There are way too many ice cream shops that go unnoticed by a ton of people, so try a new ice cream parlor and get you a tasty treat!

3. Go to Top Golf.

They have some pretty goods deals, so look at their times and you can go for just $15.

4. Teach each other something new.

Whether it be teaching them how to cook a new meal or taking them for their first-time rock climbing. You never know what you both will really like if you don't try new things every once in a while.

5. Go vintage clothes shopping.

This is simple, but the Broad Ripple area has quite a few vintage clothing shops. How fun would it be to pick out clothes for your significant other to try on??

6. Find a unique and interesting food place.

Just like the ice cream shops, there are way too many food places to try out -- especially if you are in the Broad Ripple area. I know this can get expensive, but look up cheap options or save up and make it a special night.

7. $5 Tuesdays at AMC Theater.

I am not sure when this one ends officially, but throughout the rest of the summer for AMC Stubs members they have $5 Tuesday movies -- which is a steal!

8. Go kayaking, tubing, skiing or hiking.

9. Do a high ropes course.

Butler's High Ropes Course has an event twice a year where they let anyone go on the course -- subtle plug since I work here -- but it is incredibly fun and a great way to get out of your comfort zone!

10. Find a hammock spot.

This one is really fun and extremely comfy -- especially when you snag some blankets and pillows and find a great spot to stargaze for a cute night date.

11. Have a Redbox, HULU, Or Netflix movie night.

Think of all the cuddle sessions that will come out of this -- you're welcome.

12. Go out for brunch.

Even if you do not like breakfast food, there are other places to go -- but like I mean come on, who doesn't like breakfast?

13. Go stargazing.

See number 6.

14. Go swing dancing.

There is a theater on Mass. Ave that does swing dancing every other Friday!

15. Go to the gym or do yoga together.

Not only does this involve going somewhere with your significant other, but you can both go off to do your own workouts or be in the same vicinity as the other and still be spending time together.

16. Be a tourist in your own city.

There is always something new and interesting to find when you decide to tour your city in a newer light.

17. Go for a picnic.

This is such a cute date that is really underrated and never really done anymore!

18. Make your significant other dinner.

I would die if my significant other decided to surprise me one night and made me dinner or just my favorite meal -- so try surprising yours or do like I suggested earlier and try something new.

19. Go on a bike ride together.

Just like going to the gym this is still a fun way to spend time together but also get some exercise in as well.

20. Take advantage of Groupon.

Groupon has some great deals when it comes to couples. They also always have some good date ideas for really cheap!

21. Go to a fair or carnival.

Not only can you try all the rides together, but you can eat all the food together. Plus you can try to get them to win you a cute stuffed animal!

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