Being busy and a college student usually means that you are running from class to meetings and then to events and then barely get enough sleep. Time flies when you’re busy and young. Each moment has a task to do and place to be where you have to move again once you’ve barely been settled. As hectic as everything might be in your daily life, don’t forget to look at the little things in your life that make your life worth living.

The familiar phrase “stop to smell the roses” still rings true each day. Rushing around continuously keeps you from seeing the opportunities to recognize the beauty around you or even the people around you. You’re never too busy to take the time to talk to your family or friends. I know I need to call my parents at least every other day for advice or even to just give them an update on my life.

Being in Charleston specifically, I always find myself walking slower in the pretty parts of the city or taking the time to go on a walk to explore somewhere I haven’t been yet. Having that moment is such a special thing, where you get to see the simple features that just make the moment so amazing.

Usually when I look for the little things in my life, I find so much more than I was expecting. You never really know how much the little things affect you until you look at them closer. I never realized how much I missed seeing my twin brother on a day to day basis until I’m actually near him again and we catch up. But being around him after a long time, I notice so much more of the little things about him that makes him a great brother.

Noticing the joy that comes from the little things in your life will give you the best experience that you can have in your everyday life. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed or ignored, they’re way too important to be pushed off to the side. Happiness starts with the smallest of things and actions, so seek them out and make your own. Be the little joy in someone’s day or go out of your way to emphasize the little things. You’ll feel so much better when you do.