Well, it's two months later and we're all finally going back to school. If you ask any student who goes to UD, they'll say they never thought this day would come. It has and everyone is looking forward to it.

Whenever I get asked how long my break for school is, the other person usually expects me to say, "Oh I got back January…". The reactions I get when I tell them I have off until February can be priceless.

In the beginning, winter break was fun. There was Christmas and family around, and always things to do. Then, January hits and there's still six weeks to go.

This time break felt like it was extra long. The days passing by slowly, and a countdown until February 10th approached. There wasn't too much to do when the temperatures create a polar vortex.

Work became fun for a while. Then it was just monotonous. It was just something to help make the days go by faster.

There was the same cycle of work, home, and then back to work the next day. My friends from home had long ago gone back to school, there wasn't much else to do at home besides wait.

Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One week left to go at home! We're almost at the finish line.

Sorry, mom and dad. Being home was fun, but I am very ready to go back to school and start a new semester. I think you would prefer if I went back to school as well.

It's been a long eight weeks. I'm ready to start school next week which will then turn into an even longer 14 week semester. Here's to hoping we all survive it.