For The Best Friend Who's In It For The Long Run

Dear Best Friend,

Thank you for always being there. I have lost many best friends in the past simply because the universe had you for me. You and everyone reading this knows who you are. Other best friends made me laugh, but you were the only one that stayed and dealt with my bullshit for the long run.

You didn't move away or find new friends. Even when we did move away to different colleges and found new friends, our connection never broke. We'd always come back to each other and fall right back where we left off. I'd drop you off at your house, and we'd end up talking and catching each other up on our lives. My mom would call me worried because she didn't know where I was. Thank you for being supportive of my dreams. I don't get to see you very often, and I wish our schedules allowed us to be together more, but whenever we hang out, it never changes between us.

You were there when my first dog, Wylie, died, even though he growled at you when he stepped on your art project. You were there when I called you crying on the phone cause of boy troubles.

You were there when I blew up a bottle of suicide sauce while eating at Bajas.

You laugh at me and with me, and I couldn't have asked for a better friend than you. I love everyone in my life, and all of the people that I have met and come across are amazing and loving souls, but you are one of the big blessings in my life.

You were the first to stay and make a mark in my life.

Thanks, Analise, I love you, bitch.

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