As everyone is starting to get back to their own colleges and head off on their own ways, it made me sit back and realize that I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing friends that go to different colleges all around the U.S. Not only do they get to experience different things than I do, but I also get the opportunity to say that I have friends in some cool places.

My sophomore year of high school was when a ton of changes started to really happen for me. The best thing to come of those changes was the happenstance of meeting my two best friends, Erica and Kelsey. Not only are they completely two different people with very different personalities, but both of them go to two different - rivalry- colleges as well. I love them to death and having them be so far can be incredibly hard at times. Yet, having them so far away has really helped to nourish and grow our friendships by allowing us to have to stay in touch and be in communication more than we were in high school.

Having a long distance best friend is AMAZING, let me tell you. Not only do you sometimes get to have wonderful late night phone calls or video chats with them, but they also do not have the ability to constantly annoy you -- jokes they will always do this, even if they are far away. You also get to write them letters! Visiting them for football or basketball games or even on a long weekend also makes for some fun adventures to eventually tell your kids about when you're both old and grey. I also love listening to what their life is like while at their school because just like you they are a completely different person there than they are at home.

Yes, I know having a best friend that lives far away nine months out of the year is incredibly hard. It's all about putting effort into maintaining those friendships. I cannot tell you how many times my freshman year of college I so badly wanted them to be there, but I got over it quickly and met some pretty awesome people on Butler's campus -- one's who I can my Butler best friends. No one is ever going to replace your long distance best friend though. They are always going to have your back, no what embarrassing stuff you do when you are at home or alone or even know how messed up your sleep schedule. They are the friends that you know will be apart of your wedding someday. They are the ones you constantly come back to every summer and know you like the back of their hand. They really are the best friends anyone could ask for, not only because they put up with you but because no matter how much time has passed they are still there for you.

At the end of the day, I know that Kelsey and Erica are both there for me and that no matter how far apart we are I always have them to count on. They are both truly amazing women to look up to and have by my side on this journey that we call life. I may not talk to the two of them every single day, but I love them to the moon and back. I do not know where I would be without you two lovely human beings. *long distance hug*


So do not forget to check-in once a week or just call your long distance best friend this school year. I know it gets hard being at different schools, but the best part is knowing that no matter the distance there will always be someone who loves and tolerates you no matter what.