"This isn't going to work, the distance is going to make this harder."

" UGH! I wish you lived I wish you lived closer."

"I wish we would've tried this earlier so we weren't just starting something before we go home."

Friendships, Relationships, and Communicating; three things that are the key factors of what we call life. When life brings distance into the equation, everything changes. Everything goes from, being the best that they could be, to not getting a single text, call, letter, snapchat from them. Distance is not an excuse, distance is just a measurement. If something is meant to be; the two will make it work.

When we were younger and made friends during vacation, summer camps, sports camps, etc., we never thought about the distance; some of us today still have some friends we made when we were younger regarding the distance. When I was younger I met my now best friend at the summer camp Woodward; today we are now six years into our friendship; even better yet, she lives in New Hampshire!!

We never thought about getting into a relationship when the SO wasn't here with us, but come back to us now and distance is the make it or break it point for a relationship. Which is crazy. There are more and more relationships that are being brought into the Military. Others are high school sweethearts and don't go to the same college and still at the end of it have a happy ending. Sure!, there is that chance where it won't work no matter what; but only because one or both of them had that mindset that it wouldn't work.

When someone means the "world" to you; being farther away from each other shouldn't be a problem barrier. It should make you want to prove to everyone that was saying it wasn't going to work. Prove to them that no matter the distance you are both together because you both care so much about each other. Being in a distance relationship; teaches you that your SO isn't the only person in your life, you'll have time for your friends and family.

Being in a relationship already gives you the undoubtful clues that you will get closer to your SO and slowly put them first over your friends and sometimes family members. In the end that isn't the healthiest thing to have happen in your life. Having that distance can make sure you aren't pushing everyone else away, and make sure you're living your life for you. Having those days or weekends that you can spend time together will make the time even better when you haven't seen each other in so long.

Take a step back and really think to yourself, distance? The reasoning? Or just a number?

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to go forward." ~C.S. Lewis