The Linkage Between Taylor Swift And One Tree Hill
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The Linkage Between Taylor Swift And One Tree Hill

Taylor Swift watches "One Tree Hill" too, and that's awesome.

The Linkage Between Taylor Swift And One Tree Hill

Instagram and Twitter, TMZ and "E! News", talk-shows and anything in between, we live in a society that is fascinated with the lives of the rich and famous. We are intrigued by their cool lives, the fun things they do, and the interesting things they have. Yet we also look to see that they're normal, that they're just like you and me. We can find a little bit of that in Taylor Swift. She's already shown us that she knows the struggles of dating (even if her list of guys is filled with celebs) and that she's an obsessive cat-lover. What many may not know, or might not have thought of, is T-Swizzle's love of "One Tree Hill".

It's one of the most common shows to binge on Netflix, but it's clear she watched it as it premiered on television, making her an original and vintage OTHfan. We see this love in the early stage of her career in her music videos for "Teardrops on My Guitar," "White Horse," and "You Belong With Me."

OTH viewers, at the time of one of Taylor's early hits, "Teardrops on My Guitar," have seen Tyler Hilton play the role of egotistical Chris Keller. He has performed at Tric, almost broken up Haley and Nathan's marriage, caused major conflict in Brooke and Lucas's relationship, and crashed another high school's prom with the gang.

We first see an OTH presence in Taylor Swift's music video for "Teardrops on My Guitar." Tyler Hilton played her love interest, Drew, in the video. He's completely clueless to Taylor's character's affections, admiration, and major crushing.

At the time of Taylor's music video for "White Horse", OTH viewers have seen Stephen Colletti in the role of Chase Adams. He's the new guy, then the Clean Teen guy, the Brooke Davis boyfriend, and always the great and kind friend/companion.

In the world of Taylor Swift, Stephen Colletti is the charming guy in "White Horse" who ends up breaking Swift's heart by cheating. It's been said that she chose him because of his loving and endearing attitude, kind of like what we see when he's playing Chase.

"That's always the hardest thing when someone who completely has you fooled so much that you think they're never gonna hurt you. And then they do. That's when you get the worst heartbreak", Taylor said.

This final connection is a little less obvious, but it lines up a little too much to just be a coincidence. Taylor Swift's music video for "You Belong With Me" has a plot similar to the Tree Hill gang's senior prom in season four of the show. There are two feuding girls who are caught in a love triangle.

Girl number one is a brunette girl wearing a red dress is the vilified character and doesn't get the guy.

Girl number two is a blonde girl wearing a white dress, and she gets the guy in the end.

The guy in the love triangle is blonde and goes by 'Lucas.'

Lucas Scott...

and actor Lucas Till.

Mind. Blown.

As an OTH-enthusiast, I get the appeal, I admire her choices, and I'd love to see more. Finding evidence that celebs actually have real lives, that they can sit at home and watch TV, and realizing that they don't just walk around all day being famous, is a good discovery.

I personally believe it's likely that Taylor and her squad binge the show during "girls night." Regardless, Taylor, consider this part of my application to join. I'm picking up what you're putting down in your art.

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