Just recently, I finally got a place to call mine – and ONLY mine. I had just gotten out of an unpleasant roommate situation, and having my own space – with no one else – brought me a huge amount of relief. A lot of college kids seem to be scared by the idea of living without a roommate, because it might not seem “normal.” I can tell you from personal experience, having your own place does not alienate you at all from others; instead, it gives you a safe place to unwind by yourself when you so choose. Honestly, I can’t find anything bad about living by myself. So, if you’re thinking about getting your own place or just wondering how someone could possibly even enjoy living alone, here are ten reasons why living on your own could be the best thing you ever do.

1. You can go to bed whenever you want...and wake up whenever you want.

2. You have a ton of space.

3. You get to control the lighting in your room.

4. You get to choose if you want it freezing cold (or burning hot).

5. You can be loud when you feel like it, and then quiet when you don't.

6. You can be weird – just because.

7. You can eat whatever you're craving without judgement.

8. You get your much needed alone time.

9. You can watch Netflix all day, every day.

10. You are free.