You Can't Control The Future, But You Can Control The Present, That's Where You Should Live

There are so, so many things in life that we are constantly worrying about. Between work, school, family and friends, what aren't we worrying about?

It may be tempting to get caught up in the drama of your crazy life. But listen, don't. The second you do, all of the things that are special to you will start to slip away.

That big test tomorrow? Stop fretting about it. That huge job interview you've been anxious about for days? Stop worrying.

Life is far too short to let little things get under your skin and make you a constant worrier.

You can't control the future, but you can control the present. So, live in the present.

Dance like no one's watching, kiss that boy you've been crushing on forever and drop out of that stressful college class.

We only have one life on Earth — one opportunity to change the world. When we are living our last few days, we will be upset if we spent our whole lives worrying and didn't have any fun.

Drop that toxic friend, find young love and make new, lasting relationships. Now is the time. You will regret everything later if you don't take risks, laugh loudly and spread kindness on this Earth.

Listen, darling. You can't control tomorrow. You can't control what happens in a month, or even in a year. What you can control is you. Yes, you.

You can control how you act, how you react to good and bad, and you can control the people that are in your life.

Cut out the toxic people, the toxic things and the stresses of life. But, make goals. Strive to reach your dreams.

Think about how you would live your life if everyone was blind. Looks wouldn't matter then; it would be all about your personality and how you treat others.

I know you won't remember this all, but if you have to remember one thing, remember this: Live in the moment, always.

Never look back, never regret, forgive when it's deserved and love deeply. Don't waste your life worrying about tomorrow or the next day. Worry about today, and think about what exactly you can do to make the world a better place.

You deserve a happy life, so build one.

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